26 February 2012

Kenggy's Total Relaxation

This is how Kenggy relaxes. 

Since she is on the rotund side, she usually lies on her back and goes limp. As her forelimbs are much shorter than normal, they stick up while her hindlimbs rest on the floor fully stretched.
Have a great weekend everyone – and stretch!

19 February 2012

The Look of Indecision

Winnie, not sure of how best to spend her weekend, is looking earnestly for spots to relax – to lie on a sun puddle with four legs sticking up or to curl up on one of the chairs.

12 February 2012

'I Came, I Saw, I Conquered' So Says Cinders!

Most of us have either a box or basket to hold small handy and essential items like reading glasses, pencil box, important notes, etc.

EJ had a basket with a handle. Noticed that it is in past tense.

Cinders came, saw and conquered that basket on the floor at the corner!

There was nothing much EJ could do except to clear out everything, took out an old worn-out baggy shorts with a waist-band that has completely lost its elasticity. 

EJ tried drapping the shorts over and on top of the basket but it kept falling through. Then EJ pushed the basket halfway into the shorts like wearing it.

It worked and held well. This is how it looks like!

05 February 2012

Middle-Age Spread?

Winnie loves to rest on this top section of hooded litter pan. When the clips that held the top section to the bottom part broke, EJ decided to recycle it for the cats to play in rather than throwing it away. 
Does it look like Winnie is having her middle-age spread?
Though her age is a mystery, she has been with us for over 6 years and was already an adult when she came. This makes her at least above 7 years which means she is a senior cat.

To know how Winnie came to join us, please click here.