26 March 2023

Occasional Dementia?

Winnie meows for her three basic needs -- hungry need food; finished my toilet duty so clean it; clean me and make me beautiful!
Winnie called, the dutiful slave doled out new wet food for her. She ate. She called again. Her slave thought Winnie wanted to be combed and gave a lengthy full-bodied comb.
The slave thought then duties were over and proceeded to sit down for a break.
But Winnie called (look at her sexy stance meowing demands).
Slave was perplexed at what Winnie needed and decided to finger tap her food filled stainless steel bowl. She ate!
It was then it dawned on our human that Winnie do have occasional dementia!

19 March 2023

Clipped Claws

Being an indoor cat, Winnie regularly has her claws clipped to prevent ingrown claws.
Her slave got a sneaky way prior to claw clipping by placing Winnie on her human's knees; stroking under Winnie's chin, one or two claws will be quickly clipped. Her upturned stomach will be stroked next then another few claws clipped.
This is how Winnie looks after the claw clipping is finished.
Wonder what Winnie is thinking!

12 March 2023

Clasped Paws

Our human walked in the MeowYard and found sleeping Winnie in a rather unusual manner.
With eyes slightly opened, her right front paw was firmly clasped over her left on top of her right hind leg.
Since she was resting in the shadows, flash had to be used and that caused the blue reflection in her eye. More photos could not be taken; Winnie woke up and moved.

05 March 2023

Anger Stare turned Love!

It is the norm for our human to tiptoe in to the MeowYard to check on sleeping Winnie a few times daily.
Most times Winnie, being hard of hearing, sleeps on even during thunderstorms.
This time she woke up with a start. Luckily our human had the handphone in the pocket and managed to snap Winnie's angry stare of annoyance.
Upon realising it was only her hardworking slave, Winnie started the 'drool of love'!