08 June 2014

She Cannot Walk

Kenggy could not move her swollen limb. She moves only when necessary by dragging her lifeless swollen pawless left forelimb. 

In spite of this, she observe her cleanliness and does her toilet in the tray without any spillage.

She has to eat lying down like this. 

Her appetite is gradually getting less and is getting weaker.

02 June 2014

Sleeping on Her Back

She does not rest or sleep like a normal cat anymore. She sleeps on her back belly up.

The numerous growths richly supplied with fragile arteries (that could burst and bleed anytime) on her chest forced her to rest in this position.

These growths has spread to her left forelimb causing it to swell more than double its size.

Kenggy moves much slower now and walking has become more laborious. Being such a fastidious cat, she still grooms though there are many areas she could not reach. So EJ helps out in cleaning using a damp cotton wool. 

And Kenggy would purr and purr...loudly.