27 May 2009

My Roommates

Since parking myself in EJ's home, I have my own room and 8 roommates.

The oldest, Cinders, will be 15 in July. Tommy is between 11 to 12 years' old and Tanya between 10 to 11. Tortie, Tanya's handicapped-born son who now can walk, has just turned eight in April.
When both Pebble and Winnie joined us, they had bells hung round their necks - obvious signs of being a household pet once. Their age is unknown. Then came the rescued strays, both handicapped, Kenggy and Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK. Their age is also not known.

My roommates not only run and scamper all over my room; they also have the run of a 18-foot long yard.

As I have provided endless comfort and relief for numerous humans and cats for more than 40 years and feeling rather worn out, EJ continues to ponder and tries to predict which cat will get the honour of receiving the shock of the very last scratch.