24 September 2023

I Have Food, Thank You!

Our human was at the nearby minimart few days ago.
On exiting that stray was in front of the kibble-filled bowl and it meowed loudly as soon as it saw our human.
It seemed to say, "I have food. Thank you!"

17 September 2023

Hello 'Tripod'

Daily early morning walks really help to fill the gap of missing Winnie.
During walks you get to see insects, flowers; animals, pets as well as wild ones and people. At times our human venture deeper into the forest reserve.
There are many stray dogs and our human made friends with them.
If hikers bring their pet dogs along, our human will always stop to have a brief chat about their pet.
Our human has met this dog a few times before with its three quadruped brothers. They follow its owner's hiking friend walking.
Needless to say, our human could not help but gave it a nickname 'Tripod'!
Moving on three legs on difficult terrain, Tripod was often left way behind.
Here, Tripod waited as he could not catch up running up the hill.
Our human took the opportunity to keep Tripod company as well as rewarded him with dog treats; dentastix and three meat jerkies. Made our human's day!
Last heard was its owner refused Tripod to hike for its own safety.
PS: all four dogs were neutered and friendly.

10 September 2023

Hi, You are Hungry?

Running terribly short of fresh milk, our human walked to the minimart nearby one afternoon more than two weeks ago.
After having paid and on exiting, a stray cat approached, kept circling our human's legs, mewing loud and looked with such sad eyes that you just could not help but ask, "Are you hungry? You want to eat?"
That cat kept mewing and would not leave.
Our human went back in to the shop and asked the cashier whether the staff fed that cat for the day. Reply received was she wasn't sure.
Then our human walked straight to the back of the shop where kitty food was placed, picked up a sachet of wet kitty food and paid.
As our human walked out of the door, that stray walked in, headed straight for the nearest lowest shelf where bread was placed and started smelling.
Our human quickly called, ripped open the kitty food sachet, went back in and let the stray smell.
That stray followed, all this while being watched attentively by the cashier at the counter.
Kitty food was poured on to an empty plastic plate outside the shop.
The cashier came out with smile on her face and watched that stray eat.
Life must be hard as you can see wounds and bald patches.
Few days ago our human saw that kitty again, bought and gave it a sachet of wet food. Bald patches were smaller.
PS: We had some internet issues and is resolved now.