04 December 2016

Safe Spots on Rainy Days?

Lately the monsoon rain not only has strong winds but a lot of lightning and loud thunder as well.

Frightened by the sound of pouring rain on awnings and loud thunder, the kitties hid in what they believed to be safe spots.

Safe spots for Winnie and Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK.

Safe spots where their late buddies hid.

27 November 2016

Past Pumpkin?

Age must be catching up with our human who forgot to post these pictures.

Oh! An interesting pumpkin! 

No stinky smell? I'll give it a pass!

21 November 2016

Dunked !

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK loves playing with their blue toy mice. 
He plays constantly and carries them in his mouth.

This much-loved one got dunked...

...and had to be thoroughly soaked in detergent.

Our human has looked everywhere but could not locate two missing mice.

16 October 2016

Bedbox Update!

Words not needed as these pictures say it all.

24 September 2016


We wanted to have fun; pulled out our bed covers, sponge and pushed them around.
Our human got tired of putting them back together and gave us this 'butterfly' cardboard bedbox.

We still push it around, the whole box!

Psst! We have started scratching and shredding the bedbox!

11 September 2016

Stare-y, Stare-y Night

We heard a loud howl coming from just outside our house.

With our eyes wide open in shock, we turned our ears sideways to listen better (well, since our human's ears cannot move sideways, the head was tilted).

Our human rushed out to check what the commotion was about and immediately ran back in to grab the camera.

This was what happened.
Please excuse the blur grainy pictures (even with camera flash); it was a moonless night and the area had bad lighting.

The neighbour's almost feral cat shooting laser stares howling loudly was trying to pick a fight with the other neighbour's rabbit.

The rabbit must have shot some ultra-hot laser stares back (who wouldn't?). 

Our human almost stopped breathing witnessing these hot laser stares. Everything seemed to stand still, time included, then the cat lowered itself and oh, so very slowly backed up, and moved off.

04 September 2016

Three's a Crowd, But We Love it !

Our human is moving again after the Rio Olympics 2016 ended and started to eye our kitty bed with a disapproving look.

It was felt that the bed was a tad too short. A long piece of sponge was purchased and joined to the current smaller piece. The old Panda bear (bought almost 10 years ago for the late Kenggy when she joined the pack) was brought out.

Captain Jack came, plopped fully stretched out nosing the Panda and slept for a long while.

Wanting to join in, Winnie came along, gently butted out the Panda, squeezed in between and slept.
Our human was pleased.

14 August 2016

Watching Olympics 2016

Hi folks, Winnie here, I am imitating our human who has been doing just this (and getting fat) since the Rio Olympics 2016 started.
We believe the position will not change till the games are over.

31 July 2016

You and Me; We are Family

This is how Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK feels and shows it by lick-clean Winnie's face.

The rest of the gang has hopped over the Rainbow Bridge leaving these two seniors (three if you include our human).

PS: Our human could not stand that over-loved bed cover and has changed it to a pink one!

21 July 2016

Bed Change

The kitties love their bed and both slept in it together.

But for reasons only known to Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK, he started urinating on it. Our human cleaned the bed and sun it under the scorching tropical sun. 

Soon Captain Jack urinated on it again and this time our human decided to create a new bed.

So four thick towels were folded and wrapped in this ultra smooth luminous baby blue cloth. Both Winnie and Captain Jack love it and slept in together.

Now this 'new' bed has so many drool spots and holes caused by their claws that our human is considering replacing that blue cloth.

10 July 2016

Cheeky Winnie

Last week, a turf of black fur was found on the MeowYard floor. Our human thought it was strange and quickly checked on the kitties. 
And was shocked at this sight! 

Winnie looked normal the evening before.

That swelling burst before our human could put her in the carrier for her appointment with her doctor. Winnie kept avoiding EJ and in the process droplets of blood with smelly pus was left all over the house.

At the clinic, Winnie's cheek was thoroughly cleaned out. She is much better now and still have a week's antibiotic left to consume.

24 June 2016

MeowRoom Rehash

Our human thought hard on how best to solve the much-loved Meow-BoardWalk and decided to buy a small carpet patch with adhesive backing.

PVC piping was purchased, sawn to specifications and sandpapered to prevent cuts and abrasions to the kitty paws. The PVC pipings slotted in on both ends of the BoardWalk is to prevent frictions on the walls as well as hold the carpet patch down.

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK loved that carpet patch. It did not stay long and was soon repeatedly scratched off.

Unhappy with it, our human decided to scrap the whole Meow-BoardWalk (which was initially organised for the late Kenggy to move up to higher level to hang out with her roommates) and remembered that there's a small folding futon given by a friend. It was cleaned out, placed in the MeowRoom folded and covered with a white and blue striped terrycloth. 

Needless to say, nosy Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK immediately came, checked out and claimed as his.

Winnie, however, was a 'chair' cat.

Captain Jack's clipped claws kept getting caught at the terrycloth pulling the whole cover off. EJ thought about the old patchwork bedcover (unwashed but soon to launder) could be reused for kitty bed. 

Winnie came, sniffed, claimed the bed immediately and told Captain Jack, "You, on the floor!"

09 May 2016

It Really Is Hard to Say GoodBye!

The weather is really hot, so hot that cool spots are sorted out.
Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK and Tanya both claimed and shared the coolest spot – their specially-constructed toilet of hand-painted Italian tiles. This photo was taken last week.

Last weekend, a visiting friend said that Tanya was sticking her tongue out and panting. At first our human thought the cause was the hot weather but on closer check, Tanya also had urinary incontinence.

The big clean-up and setting-up of 'Meow Suite' began. Though by then there was a heavy downpour, our human was sweating buckets trying to work as fast as possible and checking on Tanya intermittenly.

Just before the 'Meow Suite' was completely set up, Tanya ceased breathing in our human's arms. (Tanya ate her breakfast that very morning.)

Arrangements were then made for her to be cremated. Her ashes will be coming home tomorrow.

Tanya was 19.
 PS: Tanya's story has not been told yet. Her interesting and eventful story is long and our human will start writing it.

11 April 2016

It's Hard to Say GoodBye!

Kenggy became weaker but she managed to maneuvre herself to face the MeowRoom door. Our human placed a rolled-up cloth to support her head to ease her shallow breathing.
Her best friend, Winnie, came to keep her company, both staring at each in a silent communication.
Soon after Kenggy passed away on 10th June 2014. She was cremated.

Before our human could finish clearing the special 'Meow Suite', Pebble got seriously ill. Pebble's sickness was a constant yo-yo.

To replenish her medication, our human made an appointment with Pebble's doctor to pick it up the next day. Early next morning, on 25th January 2016, Pebble was found in a rigor mortis mode and a phone call was quickly made to her vet to cancel her medication.

Here Tanya, Winnie and Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK were telling EJ that they have finished saying their last goodbye. Just like the rest before her, Pebble was cremated.

It was when her ash came home that it hit EJ that both, Kenggy's and Pebble's, absence was really felt.

Yes, that 'Meow Suite' was dismantled and cleaned but EJ somehow could not clear many of their things. Perhaps our human need a little more time to heal emotionally.

08 March 2016

So Hot!

Winnie, in the MeowYard, is making a funny face because it is so hot!
Yes, the days are sweltering hot due to the El Nino effect.

So she went into the MeowRoom and laid on the tiled floor with the fan blasting at her exposed belly.

01 March 2016

Little Jack Corner

This incredibly bashed up and tattered walk-board is so much loved that our human is having second thoughts replacing it.

It is also Captain Jack Sparrow's favourite napping spot.

Where else can you rest with your butt secure, your paws crossed and hang your leg down leisurely?