22 June 2015

On the Edge

Our human got nervous on seeing Tanya asleep.

Who wouldn't? Tanya was sleeping, fast asleep, on the edge and could fall off any second.

But our human dared not make any sound to startle her which would cause her to fall down.

With heart in the mouth, our human tiptoed away after snapping these photos (cupping hands round the compact camera to muffle the clicking sounds).

14 June 2015

Napping Day

It rained this morning.
Since it isn't as hot, it's perfect to sleep in.

Our human even napped after breakfast.

And now to continue my sleep.

07 June 2015

Nosing Ice!

The days are so hot!

Our human brought out some little cubes that looked almost transparent. Inquisitive Captain Jack came to check and suddenly stuck his nose into it.

The old compact digital camera, that had a few seconds delay, could not capture that cold discovery moment but got the 'What ** is this?' look!