25 August 2019

New Scratch Pad

Running an errand, our human eyed a cat flat scratch pad in a store and immediately bought it. 

Winnie refused to use the old one and has been scratching all corners of the 'tropical hard wood' podium.

"Hmmm, this new scratch pad looks nice!"

"Not bad! Think I'll start scratching here from now on!"

18 August 2019

Winnie's Howls!

It was night. A relaxing night when our human was just watching TV.

Winnie howled. She was standing at the MeowRoom grill, stared at our human howling.

As usual our human got up, switched on the MeowRoom light; yes, there was enough kibbles in her bowl. And back to watching TV our human went.

Winnie did not budge and howled again. This time, our human went to the MeowYard, switched on the light to check Meow toilet. All the four, yes, four plastic toilets were clean. And back to watching TV our human went.

Again Winnie did not budge and howled again, even louder and more urgent. Our human thought there must be something, switched on the light and went to check every corner of the MeowYard...
...and saw this!

04 August 2019

Yesterday When We Were Young!

Now fattened up, Winnie must have felt relaxed in her new home.

This photo was taken in 2006 few months after she joined the pack. She was still wearing her 'Winnie the Pooh' bell necklace from her previous owner.

Actually our human waited for a year (hoping her owner will come back for her and the rest of the abandoned kitties) before taking her in. Winnie was already an adult then, not a kitten.

Read how Winnie joined the pack in the link below.