31 March 2024

Careful Where You Place Your Feet!

On morning walks, our human prefer to alone so that survival instinct is easier to kick in with senses heightened.
There were times our human just stopped walking to look around.
This time a baby brown snake was just in front on the path.
Can you see it?

24 March 2024

A Hungry Boar!

Because of encroaching developments, wildlife during morning walks is less and less seen. Our human prefer to walk alone and silently so as not to disturb any wildlife.
And was lucky to notice this extremely hungry boar foraging for food; it did not even lift its head.
Our human quickly moved on after taking this picture so as not to attract other hikers' attention to it.

This was where the stray was hiding, peering over the tree root in the previous post.

17 March 2024

He's into Hiding!

Our human did not meet the 'regular' strays during morning walks lately and wondered what happened.
Later it was found out that someone set off firecrackers during the recent festivities and the loud noise frightened them.
Our human stood still and eyed all round trying hard to figure out where on earth it could possible hide and be out of view...
...when up went a rump and tail wagging in the air on seeing our human.
Of course, this is a shot not to be missed!
Can you spot it?