30 August 2011


Just like humans, handicapped animals has sharpened and heightened senses to compensate for their loss. For survival, handicapped animals are extraordinary fierce and have extremely fast reflexes and reactions.

Few months ago, EJ was carrying and talking to Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK when suddenly there was a strange whirring sound. Captain Jack vanished from EJ's arms in a flash! EJ listened hard for a few minutes; it sounded like one of the neighbours using a blender. 

EJ felt pain...and looked.
This was taken after a few hours when the bottom most scratch has almost subsided. Good thing all Captain Jack's claws were clipped otherwise EJ's forearm would be ripped open in three places!

And no, EJ did not, for how could you scold such a face!

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28 August 2011

Beautiful Claws

Winnie says, "Our human says my claws have to be trimmed as it has grown longer and sharp. The trimming will not in any way affect the beauty of my paws. So here I am admiring my paw before it's done."

26 August 2011

Brahma Kamal

EJ finally found some old travel photos taken in India some 17 years ago. It was the time before digital camera was available so the colours are slightly off. Postings on travels will not be in the right order and sequence but will be posted as and when the photos are found.

Brahma Kamal, the much reverred flower, is a species of flowering plant named after Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. It is native to the Himalayas, India, Northern Burma and South-West China. In Himalayas, it is found at an altitude of around 4,500 metres. Source: Wikipedia

These photos do not do justice to actually seeing Brahma Kamal. Perhaps due to decreased oxygen level in the high altitude and weariness of climbing, there seemed to be a glow emitting from each Brahma Kamal. The flower bracts were very thin, fragile and felt papery. And beautiful!

23 August 2011

Oh Lordy!

Without two front paws, Kenggy cannot jump up to higher places like her other roommates. She really would love to if she could and would never pass up any opportunity like a solid pile of old newspapers on the floor.

Here is Kenggy enjoying precious moments.

Certainly feel good up here lording over my imaginary domain.

Got to look my best!

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21 August 2011

Looking Through the MeowHole

Being the small in size, Cinders usually curls up comfortably on one their chairs in the MeowYard. It is not often that Cinders crawl in to rest at the cat condo in their MeowRoom. And when she did, EJ quickly snapped a photo to record it.

The was the result. 

It was a bonus with Tanya resting in the MeowYard staring wide-eye curiously at EJ probably thinking 'what on earth is EJ doing in such a funny crouching position?'.

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14 August 2011

The Other Side of the Window

When EJ snapped our pictures relaxing and looking out the window, many of you guessed there were interesting goings-on outside.

Well, we decided to show you, dear friends, what is on the other side!

It's a white wall! 

There are no interesting views or chirping birds, only fellow roommates lazing. Here, a rather amused Winnie paw-waved at EJ who tried to be as inconspicuous as possible.

09 August 2011

Me, Too!

Cinders, now feeling much better, decided to throw out her simple play things from this little basket and climbed in.

This bamboo basket being springy, stretched a bit under her weight and she must have felt comfortable in it to have rested there for a long time. It was an uncomfortable sight for onlookers.

Then along came Kenggy who wanted to do the same thing and tried...
...and tried...

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07 August 2011

Jack's Contempt

EJ clipped Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's claws.

His reaction after the clippings?

Here's the Captain showing his clipped claws with his upper lip curled...like Elvis Presley...in utter haughtiness and bitter contempt!

02 August 2011

Beauty Secrets!

EJ loves to disturb, prod or poke Tanya because she is so haughty and obnoxious!

She has this attitude because she knows she is beautiful. Each prod or poke will result in zealous cleanings and lickings. Sometimes a 'how dare you touch me' glare is given and worse if a soft growl accompanies it. EJ has experienced swipes of the paws including attempted bites!

According to Tanya, there is no short cut to being beautiful. It is just hard work cleaning and cleaning making sure all the fur are clean and in place.