25 October 2020

Hot Days!

When it doesn't pour, the days are hot!

Winnie with her fur licked wet tried to rest in the shaded lower tier of the hard wood podium.

Our human, of course, took the opportunity to capture that weird sight.
Without warning, Winnie suddenly turned and gave a funny, shocked look!

If only we know what thoughts she might have!

11 October 2020

Plucky Winnie

Since manually sweeping and brushing the MeowYard will cause our human's sinus to act up, our human decided to use the vacuum a second time now.

The vacuum was used from a distance first and then slowly approached Winnie's perch.

Winnie did not budge and what can our human do? Vacuum Winnie!

What happened next shocked our human...and dropped everything to run for the handphone.

Armed with handphone in one hand and with the other holding the vacuum aimed at Winnie. Hard as it is to snap photos this way but this definitely had to be put on record. Most photos were blur and this is clearest of all.