24 June 2018

Totally Relaxed Visiting Lounger!

Imagine our human's shock on stepping out of the house on greeted by this sight at the porch.

We do not have a ginger cat. Obviously a male, he was totally relaxed lounging there unafraid of our human.
It was only when our human was less than three feet away, he turned, looked at our human lazily, got up reluctantly and sauntered slowly out.

17 June 2018

Rehashed Cave

The idea has been on our human's mind a long time ago and a lot. Finally overcame procrastination and got into action.

The old unused basket with a handle that was gathering dust in the corner was taken out and cleaned. Out came all the old unused T-shirts and the most suitable size was chosen.

Put them both together; line the inside with an old clothing and this was the result.
Winnie approves!

10 June 2018

Freaking Hot Days

The last few days has been torturously hot. There were some very short showers that made the heat worse and the air muggy.

To cool down, our human had to take four showers a day. Those wearing a permanent fur coat like Winnie, of course, is at the most disadvantaged.

Winnie was found 'heading' the plank on the wall.

Then got up (to air her stomach a bit), changed position to lie on cooler spot in the opposite direction.

03 June 2018

New Hidey Spot

There was a heavy thunderstorm few days ago that lasted several hours. It caused flash floods in certain parts in town.

Winnie was no where to be seen and that got our human a little worried. Armed with a small torchlight, our human walked round the house shining the torch in every corner and finally saw where Winnie was.
Apologies for the blurred picture; that corner was dark.