29 April 2012

Cinders' Favourite

Cinders has many places she loves to hang out.

The little green stool is one which EJ borrows when needed.

At times, Cinders would hide under this low wooden step ladder where EJ dumps reading materials on top.

She loves this two-foot square cushion on the floor where EJ usually sits to watch TV while having a drink or snack.

This is her most favourite of all. Just look at that smile on her face...

...and in deep sleep after making that leg sleep!

22 April 2012

Silent Stare Side by Side

Sunday is here again.

Weekends are for relaxing, sitting side by side though not talking and staring silently into space with your own idle thoughts just like what Pebble and Winnie are doing here.

Companionship matters in life as the saying goes, 'No Man is an Island'. 

17 April 2012

Kitty Paralympics Match

Fighting out in this corner, in brown mackerel tabby, is strongly muscled one-eyed Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK.

Facing him, wearing Calico with her infamous rapid strong pawless punches is Kenggy. With ears completely pulled back, eyes turning laser-blue and in her get-ready-to-fight stance, Kenggy is raring to go.
The match begins....

08 April 2012

Blubber of Embarrassment

Gosh! Now why did my pesky human decide to snap a picture of my blubber at this moment. I am so embarrassed, I'm hiding my face. 

Have a enjoyable weekend and a great week ahead.

03 April 2012

Kenggy's High Five!

This is Kenggy's unique way of using her hind leg to give high fives to say thank you on behalf of her roommates and EJ for all the purrs and prayers.

EJ's octogenarian mom's surgery for her femoral neck fracture went well and is recovering. She has started walking very slowly with the help of a walking aid.