09 May 2016

It Really Is Hard to Say GoodBye!

The weather is really hot, so hot that cool spots are sorted out.
Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK and Tanya both claimed and shared the coolest spot – their specially-constructed toilet of hand-painted Italian tiles. This photo was taken last week.

Last weekend, a visiting friend said that Tanya was sticking her tongue out and panting. At first our human thought the cause was the hot weather but on closer check, Tanya also had urinary incontinence.

The big clean-up and setting-up of 'Meow Suite' began. Though by then there was a heavy downpour, our human was sweating buckets trying to work as fast as possible and checking on Tanya intermittenly.

Just before the 'Meow Suite' was completely set up, Tanya ceased breathing in our human's arms. (Tanya ate her breakfast that very morning.)

Arrangements were then made for her to be cremated. Her ashes will be coming home tomorrow.

Tanya was 19.
 PS: Tanya's story has not been told yet. Her interesting and eventful story is long and our human will start writing it.