24 December 2011

Christmas Captain Gotcha Day

The postman delivered a card. It was posted from the other side of the globe — from EJ's brother. 

This year EJ did not receive any photos showing the amount of snow they get that side. Over here, in forever summer, it is rain, rain and more rain.

Tomorrow is Christmas. It is also Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's Gotcha Day. This Christmas is his fourth with us.

On behalf of roommates, grand dame Cinders, haughty Tanya, pretty Pebble, whimsical Winnie, rotund Kenggy, our trusted CHAIR and our human EJ, this is Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK wishing all friends, 4-legged, 2-legged, 3-legged included, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

May Peace, Love and Prosperity follow you always.

18 December 2011

Hostile Takeover

The green plastic stool is the perfect height to sit on to work on the laptop placed on a friend's unwanted old TV stand on wheels.

EJ wondered why Cinders always hang around when EJ worked at the laptop and realised the reason after a brief break to the toilet. 

It was a hostile takeover.

EJ had no choice but to take out the tiny child-sized wooden chair used during much younger days in elementary/primary school. It was uncomfortable to sit on as an adult body could not fit in properly.

To prevent more hostile takeovers, EJ now sits on another plastic stool of almost the same height.

Cinders loves that little green plastic stool!

11 December 2011

True Love

Being hugged like this by these two lovely girls together is beautiful happiness. 

Something every house should have — true love. Indeed this is what the world needs.

04 December 2011

Sun Worshipping

It is the monsoon season. It pours when it rains.

And when the sun is out, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK takes the opportunity to bask in it.

23 November 2011

Butt What is This Pompom?

Guess what kind of pompom ball is this? 
It does look suspiciously familiar, doesn't it?

It is Tanya's pompom tail.

Her pompom tail goes up every time when she drinks from the mini pail in the corner.

13 November 2011

Head On!

Our human just could not figure out why Pebble slept like this!

She was not scolded or punished as Pebble is a well-mannered, good-natured girl and does not disturb her fellow mates.

Any ideas, dear friends?

30 October 2011

Legs Up Folks!

EJ wants to and definitely will follow our Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's way of spending the weekend.

It's one great stress reliever.

Put your legs up folks!

23 October 2011

Hard Talk on Hard Pillow

Of all my roommates, Kenggy is the one who is most attached to me. 

While all the others don't really need me, Kenggy, because of her missing two front paws, uses me as a stepping stone to get from window ledge to the floor and vice versa. 

Kenggy loves me lots and at times I become her pillow, like this.

It feels good to be loved and appreciated!

16 October 2011

Monkey in the House?

Well, we thought we, the cats, besides our human live in this house.
Look! We have a weird-looking monkey!

04 October 2011

Styles of Zzzzzs!

No two living beings sleep the same way. Each have their own preference. Here are some shots on how my roommates sleep.

Cinders ~ comfortable

Tanya ~ ridiculously uncomfortable

Pebble ~ bed isn't big enough

Winnie ~ heavy eyelids

Kenggy ~ flat out

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK ~ ballerino

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20 September 2011

Free Massage?

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK must be happy, now that he is the ONLY male. All his five roommates are females ~ Cinders, Tanya, Pebble, Kenggy and Winnie. 

To celebrate his happiness, he gives EJ massages...

...and headbutts...

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18 September 2011

Fanged Over

Pretty girls and handsome dudes, fangs or no fangs need their beauty rests, so says Winnie who is showing a great example here! 

14 September 2011

Simple Happiness

'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.' ~ Dalai Lama 

This is so true in Kenggy's case. Inspite of her handicap, she finds pleasure in the simplest of things like this plastic raffia string. 
And spread happiness to EJ who watched her play.
Kenggy is such a joy!
' Don't you dare touch it! '

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06 September 2011

'Hang Down Your Head' Position

EJ's heart always skip a beat whenever Cinders goes into this 'hang down your head' position. This unusual resting style means something is wrong. Even the clicking sound of the old beaten-up compact digital camera did not wake her.

She was fast asleep. She was tired, perhaps really stressed out in the morning having to travel almost 30km to see her vet for blood test and check-up.

Cinders seemed to recognise her doctors and staff. She looked at them in the face and greeted each one with a soft mew. The humans smiled and greeted back.

A thorough physical check-up showed that one of her kidneys had shrivelled which is one of the many symptoms of CRF (Chronic Renal Failure). EJ left the room when Cinders had her blood extracted. The doctors said Cinders was a good girl sitting still unmoving allowing them to draw blood from her neck.

Her blood test results were encouraging. Urea and creatinine went down to just above the normal range. All other test results were either within the normal range or just above which is really good news considering her age of over 17 years. And she put on 100gms.

For now her medication and dosage remain the same with four pills being shoved down her throat and half teaspoon supplement powder to swallow daily.

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30 August 2011


Just like humans, handicapped animals has sharpened and heightened senses to compensate for their loss. For survival, handicapped animals are extraordinary fierce and have extremely fast reflexes and reactions.

Few months ago, EJ was carrying and talking to Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK when suddenly there was a strange whirring sound. Captain Jack vanished from EJ's arms in a flash! EJ listened hard for a few minutes; it sounded like one of the neighbours using a blender. 

EJ felt pain...and looked.
This was taken after a few hours when the bottom most scratch has almost subsided. Good thing all Captain Jack's claws were clipped otherwise EJ's forearm would be ripped open in three places!

And no, EJ did not, for how could you scold such a face!

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28 August 2011

Beautiful Claws

Winnie says, "Our human says my claws have to be trimmed as it has grown longer and sharp. The trimming will not in any way affect the beauty of my paws. So here I am admiring my paw before it's done."

26 August 2011

Brahma Kamal

EJ finally found some old travel photos taken in India some 17 years ago. It was the time before digital camera was available so the colours are slightly off. Postings on travels will not be in the right order and sequence but will be posted as and when the photos are found.

Brahma Kamal, the much reverred flower, is a species of flowering plant named after Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. It is native to the Himalayas, India, Northern Burma and South-West China. In Himalayas, it is found at an altitude of around 4,500 metres. Source: Wikipedia

These photos do not do justice to actually seeing Brahma Kamal. Perhaps due to decreased oxygen level in the high altitude and weariness of climbing, there seemed to be a glow emitting from each Brahma Kamal. The flower bracts were very thin, fragile and felt papery. And beautiful!

23 August 2011

Oh Lordy!

Without two front paws, Kenggy cannot jump up to higher places like her other roommates. She really would love to if she could and would never pass up any opportunity like a solid pile of old newspapers on the floor.

Here is Kenggy enjoying precious moments.

Certainly feel good up here lording over my imaginary domain.

Got to look my best!

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21 August 2011

Looking Through the MeowHole

Being the small in size, Cinders usually curls up comfortably on one their chairs in the MeowYard. It is not often that Cinders crawl in to rest at the cat condo in their MeowRoom. And when she did, EJ quickly snapped a photo to record it.

The was the result. 

It was a bonus with Tanya resting in the MeowYard staring wide-eye curiously at EJ probably thinking 'what on earth is EJ doing in such a funny crouching position?'.

For those who want to know why the MeowHole was created, please click Here

14 August 2011

The Other Side of the Window

When EJ snapped our pictures relaxing and looking out the window, many of you guessed there were interesting goings-on outside.

Well, we decided to show you, dear friends, what is on the other side!

It's a white wall! 

There are no interesting views or chirping birds, only fellow roommates lazing. Here, a rather amused Winnie paw-waved at EJ who tried to be as inconspicuous as possible.

09 August 2011

Me, Too!

Cinders, now feeling much better, decided to throw out her simple play things from this little basket and climbed in.

This bamboo basket being springy, stretched a bit under her weight and she must have felt comfortable in it to have rested there for a long time. It was an uncomfortable sight for onlookers.

Then along came Kenggy who wanted to do the same thing and tried...
...and tried...

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07 August 2011

Jack's Contempt

EJ clipped Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's claws.

His reaction after the clippings?

Here's the Captain showing his clipped claws with his upper lip curled...like Elvis Presley...in utter haughtiness and bitter contempt!

02 August 2011

Beauty Secrets!

EJ loves to disturb, prod or poke Tanya because she is so haughty and obnoxious!

She has this attitude because she knows she is beautiful. Each prod or poke will result in zealous cleanings and lickings. Sometimes a 'how dare you touch me' glare is given and worse if a soft growl accompanies it. EJ has experienced swipes of the paws including attempted bites!

According to Tanya, there is no short cut to being beautiful. It is just hard work cleaning and cleaning making sure all the fur are clean and in place.

31 July 2011

Jack Thinker

It's Sunday!

If only we know what goes on behind that eye and between those ears!

26 July 2011

Scary Dreaming

Winnie looks fierce even in sleep. 

Her permanently visible fangs gives her this look that fooled many. In reality, she is extremely timid and would be the first to zoom off or disappear at the slightest strange noise or things.

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24 July 2011

Relaxing Unique Style?

It's Sunday!

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK sure has a unique way of relaxing on weekends!