27 November 2022

A New Friend

Our human walked to the neighbourhood minimart to get some groceries. 
When exiting the shop, this neutered stray flopped on our human's foot and laid there. 
Our human did not move till that well-fed looking kitty moved on.

13 November 2022

Nap During Rainy Season

We have been experiencing heavy rain and thunderstorms daily. Our meteorology department says that it will go on till next year. At times there were lots of thunder and lightning which caused our house electricity to trip (the reason why we could not blog last week).
One good thing during these daily rain is that the temperature is a little cooler.
And Winnie being so hard of hearing, she is totally unfazed by thunder.
Our human always check on her during these times and often find her curled up sleeping.
As usual, a quick dash for the handphone to immortalise that moment but on return to find Winnie in a different position.