29 August 2021


 This is Winnie's latest snoopervising office!

22 August 2021

A Discovery!

Our human had a compact travel hair dryer (bought more than 40 years ago) which was used more times on kitties to dry fur than on human and was wondering whether it could be used on Winnie.
The second it was switched on and aimed at her, she ran!
Sigh! So, it was back to the tiring muscle-building manual fanning and combing.
Here is a happy satisfied Winnie, after the manual fanning and combing treatment, supervising our human cleaning the MeowYard.

15 August 2021

Satisfyingly Good!

It was a hot midday.
Winnie's whole body was wet-wiped down and then combed. Of course the human slave had to manually fan that feline diva dry.
When Winnie was clean and dry, there was a sun puddle right at the spot she rested.
PS: Our human's arms has begun developing muscles from regular fanning.

01 August 2021

Special Grooming!

Last few days, Winnie has been especially whining. Our human tried everything from giving food to cleaning her toilet trays, food bowls, MeowRoom, MeowYard. Almost wanting to give up, our human tried one last thing and gave Winnie a full 'wet' wipe-down.
Winnie, considered geriatric, our human did not want to risk giving her a bath. To dry her, electric fan being too strong to blast at Winnie, an old traditional fan made from palm leaf was used.
It was tough as first using one hand to fan and the other to comb her fur and that fan 'touched' Winnie as well as our human several times as the hands had to go different directions. Eventually our human managed.
When dried, Winnie slept for hours!
PS: Arrow shows Winnie lying on her comb with black handle.