27 September 2020

A Furry Visitor!

We had a visitor, a furry one.

Our human walked out to the porch and saw this furry visitor resting on the parapet outside the gate.

Unafraid, the visitor turned its battle-scarred face and looked. 
Our human decided to leave him alone, not wanting to touch as the tip of his ears looked like it has got mange.

20 September 2020

Brave Girl!

The vacuum has not been used for years as our late Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK would hiss and swipe at it. Our human would then get down on knees to manually clean.

Yesterday our human decided to use the vacuum to clean the hard to get corners and crevices.

And Winnie's reaction to the vacuum noise?

Winnie not bothered as vacuum was not switched on yet.

What's this funny thing with noise?

It's getting nearer and noisier!

Winnie walked off and allowed our human clean in peace.

13 September 2020

Kitty Magnet!

Since March when we had a lockdown due to the virus, our human minimised going out. And only venture out to get essentials at the nearest mini mart.

Though a little relaxed now, our human still take precautions and only goes to get groceries at that same mini mart a walking distance from home.

A new resident cat came to welcome our human but our human (standing with legs apart) was trying to avoid to come in contact with it. That kitty isn't exactly healthy as its fur had some bald patches. Our human was so afraid to carry any disease or sickness it may have back to Winnie.

Stay safe everyone.

06 September 2020

Still Hot!

The days are still hot.

Our human found Winnie seeking out cool spots and resting in a most unladylike fashion.

Armed with the handphone in stealth mode, our human tried to capture that scene but Winnie's keen hearing picked up the soft clickings. She turned, got up and started to walk towards our human. Photos were blurred.