28 March 2021

New Look at Old Hideaway?

Remember that old basket covered with our human's old T-shirt which Winnie used to rest in?

Winnie stopped using it for months and to give more floor space, our human placed it on 'The Chair'.

Few days ago, our human went into a mild panic not being able to see Winnie any where in the MeowRoom or MeowYard when suddenly something dark sticking out of the basket was sighted and realised Winnie stuck her tail out!

This photo's blur because our human moved.

The bedding has since been changed and the basket cleaned. She is using this regularly and only she knows for how long.

21 March 2021


Winnie meowed for her breakfast and was promptly given.
After finishing, she jumped up the cubicle and started cleaning her face...
...and realised our human was near and stopped cleaning with paw in mid-air.
If it was after food, Winnie would clean but never after toilet duties; she would just meowed loud for human slave to give her a whole body wipe-down with a damp microfibre cloth.

14 March 2021

Feeling Young Again?

Off and on our human will check and spy on Winnie.

And saw Winnie sitting still eyeing the lizard on the wall in her MeowYard.
So intense was her concentration that she bent her body like that lizard and did not notice our human at all.

If only we know what was she thinking!

07 March 2021

Golden Years!

Not only in human but it shows in animals as well...
...and our human finds Winnie's age-showing face very cute indeed.
Don't you think so?