29 November 2020

No Jump!

Winnie had two bad days at the start of the week but is now eating.

She prefers wet food and turns up her nose at the expensive kibbles specially for senior cats bought from the veterinary clinic.

Since she does not jump up to the favourite top tier of the hard wood podium, two additional bedding of several folded towels were added on the floor.

For now, Winnie is doing reasonably well. 
Thank you all for boundless warm purrs and wishes.

22 November 2020

Good Days, Bad Days!

Day before yesterday, Winnie called softly at 4am.

Our human jumped up and asked, "Are you hungry? I'll give you food! Wait."
Immediately half sachet of tuna was warmed up with a little water.
Winnie ate!

Tried but could not go back to sleep, our human had a very early breakfast of coffee and cream crackers while watching world news on television.

Later that afternoon, Winnie called again and finished the remainder of tuna in the sachet.
chicken in broth

Her movements are not as feeble and seem a little stronger.
She is eating but each time given small amounts.

Let us hope bad days do not come soon.

PS: Thank you all for your encouraging warm wishes and comments.

15 November 2020

Feeling Feeble!

Earlier this week, Winnie lost her appetite and did not eat for a few days. 
She was quiet and lost some weight.
Our human went out and bought a can of tuna; mixed a spoonful of tuna with warm water and left it in front of Winnie.
When checked two hours later, it was licked clean. Feeling encouraged, our human mixed another spoonful of tuna and left it at the same spot. It, too, was cleaned out few hours later.

Winnie is eating again! She has visibly slowed down (Winnie's geriatric) and our human helped clean by wiping her down with damp cotton wool and combed as she started to smell slightly.

Lately she has started eating her kibbles.

The recent Deepavali or Diwali, Festival of Lights did not help. Our human covered Winnie's ears when loud firecrackers go off in the neighbourhood!

08 November 2020

New Trick!!

Winnie meowed loud...again! The meows are a little different from the 'toilet' ones.

Our human went to the MeowYard to check. All toilet trays were clean and found Winnie in this position waiting.

She demanded some combing and petting. Our human, of course, gave in to her ploy!

01 November 2020

Winnie's Watch!

Winnie meowed loud and long persistently.

Our human knows what that meow-call was for. It has been the habitual meow-calls since many years ago after toilet duties. Winnie's late roommates did that special meow-calls too.

Our human was amused when Winnie watched relaxed on the lower tier with crossed paws at the cleaning up. But by the time our human got the handphone, Winnie uncrossed her paws!