25 December 2022

Eating Comfortably

An unused plastic container has been rehashed, overturned to prop up Winnie's food bowl so she could eat comfortably.
It is at the right height for her and she need not bend all the way down to the floor to eat.
As you all have guessed our procrastinating human did not put up any Christmas decorations at all.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with good health, prosperity, joy and love.

18 December 2022

Nap Drool

Our human made a usual afternoon check on Winnie's siesta. Most times she slept on; this time she woke up and lifted her head...
...a small drool patch was found on the pet pad!

11 December 2022

Lazy Sunday

It has been raining and raining, sometimes torrential accompanied by lots of lightning and thunder. Now it is just light rain. 
Weather is cooler; perfect for a quick rest and snooze.
This is exactly what Winnie is doing.
It is a lazy Sunday.

04 December 2022

Toilet with a View

Winnie is  having her afternoon siesta now.
Like humans, as they grow older animals become less agile and flexible.
Winnie could not 'squat' as low as before when she use her toilet; her urine got on to the tiled wall and flowed down to the floor each time.
To counter this problem, our human duct-taped pet training pad on the wall. Very soon that pad got heavy, laden with urine.
Clearing a corner, our human found some old plastic calendars with 3D image (compliments from a nearby supermarket). Its size fit the toilet tray perfectly. Our human chose the calendar of koi fish in stone pond over the one of waterfall.
So far so good; not spill.
PS: Our human wanted to but could not get a shot of Winnie in action 'with koi in pond'!

27 November 2022

A New Friend

Our human walked to the neighbourhood minimart to get some groceries. 
When exiting the shop, this neutered stray flopped on our human's foot and laid there. 
Our human did not move till that well-fed looking kitty moved on.

13 November 2022

Nap During Rainy Season

We have been experiencing heavy rain and thunderstorms daily. Our meteorology department says that it will go on till next year. At times there were lots of thunder and lightning which caused our house electricity to trip (the reason why we could not blog last week).
One good thing during these daily rain is that the temperature is a little cooler.
And Winnie being so hard of hearing, she is totally unfazed by thunder.
Our human always check on her during these times and often find her curled up sleeping.
As usual, a quick dash for the handphone to immortalise that moment but on return to find Winnie in a different position.

30 October 2022

Use it as Pillow!

Winnie is a resourceful girl.
She use her scratchboard as pillow for a comfortable nap.
A super drooler she is, our human had to line part of the scratchboard with a cut-out patch of disposable pet pad otherwise the scratchboard will soaked flat!

23 October 2022

Napping with a Smile?

It certainly is a nice feeling to see someone or anyone for that matter smiling in their sleep.
Winnie was caught just doing that!

16 October 2022

Procrastination Reward?

Feeling bad for procrastinating and did not blog last week, our human went out to purchase a new scratchboard for Winnie.
This time the new scratchboard had a DIY duct tape reinforcement on all four sides and bottom.
Winnie claimed the scratchboard before it could be securely tied to the podium...
and had that vacant look after a small packet of enclosed catnip was sprinkled on the scratchboard.

02 October 2022

No Bath Days!

Geriatric Winnie could not clean herself properly as she is less flexible unable to reach certain parts of her body.
Our human slave did not want to risk giving Winnie a bath.
Started few days ago she was given whole body wet wipes with several damp cotton wool, then fanned manually and combed dry; sometimes twice a day. 
Human slave has more work now.

Sleeping well after the cleanup.

25 September 2022

Old Place Feels Better?

It certainly was surprising when Winnie was found resting at her old place two days ago.
She still does and never rests at the lower tier since then.
If only we know why, our human slave's life would be a lot easier!

18 September 2022

Pets are Wonderful!

Those who have pets know how human beings are loved by them unconditionally though we scold or punish them.
We, humans, can be our true selves behaving unabashedly in front of them.
Pets do not mind one bit when we flatulate in front of them.
Well, Winnie purred when that happened!
Has that ever happened to you all, pet owners?
Pets give us so much joy in their own incredible ways.

14 September 2022

She Rests Dangerously!

When this photo was taken, she did not flinch a muscle.
Winnie being deaf in this case certainly is advantageous to our human.

04 September 2022

Relaxed Greeting!

It did not rain this afternoon; the day was hot.
Our human walked in to the MeowYard and was met with this relaxed greeting!

28 August 2022

Howling Command!

Our human sneaked in to the MeowYard to check on Winnie but she was not there.
Naturally our human looked high and low in all nooks and corners and then heard Winnie howling loudly.
Peering through the window, Winnie was at the MeowRoom grill howling loudly for her 'slave'.
Our human looked and realised the food bowl was empty and replenished it immediately.
PS: Could not blog last week due to lightning and thunder.

14 August 2022

Combing on Demand!

Winnie gets a full body grooming comb daily usually in the late evening.
Lately she has been demanding grooming by sitting in her MeowRoom padded box and meowing loudly for her slave. There were days when the demand was as many as three times a day.
There were occasions when our human slave tells Winnie that if she were to demand grooming comb too often, she, Winnie, will turn a Peterbald in no time!
So far so good Winnie still has her fur.

07 August 2022

New Spot Found?

Winnie rested on a new spot. 
Not wanting Winnie to rest on bare wood, our human lined almost the entire lower tier with cardboards for better cushioning and then pet pads.
Now she has more resting choice! Our human now sits on a low stool to change soiled pads.
PS: That last remaining solid low wooden stool is at least 60 years old which our human and siblings used when they were in elementary school for doing homework.

31 July 2022


This was supposed to be for last Sunday but was not posted as we had a long, heavy thunderstorm that caused several electrical trips.
Our human did not want to take any risks.
Since it was cooler, Winnie loafed her afternoon away.

17 July 2022

Upholding the 'Pillar'?

Not sure why Winnie loves getting in this position like she is upholding and supporting one of the legs of her tropical hardwood podium.
This podium is sturdy and heavy; our human has climbed up and stood on it on many occasions. 
Hmmm, perhaps Winnie wants to look 'helpful'?

10 July 2022

The Move

Yes, Winnie moved house!
She has moved to the Lower Tier of the tropical hardwood 'Podium' in her MeowYard and rests there all the time.
Guess it feels cooler there than on the Top Tier during the recent hot weather spell.
But it makes it harder for our human to wipe and comb her as our human have to sort of half-squat to be at that level.
Well, our human may soon have lovelier legs when leg muscles get more toned as a result!

26 June 2022


Our human tip-toed in to the MeowYard wanting to snap a photo of sleeping Winnie having her afternoon siesta in an odd position.
With the handphone in position and just before the camera clicked, Winnie's survival instinct kicked in. She opened her eyes and got up.
She stretched!
Agreed; this is a weak stretch unlike most young felines but then Winnie is an elderly lady. She usually stretches lying down when our human gives her a full body comb holding one of her paws to reach certain parts of her body.

19 June 2022


As you all know to cool Winnie down on hot afternoons, she gets groomed with a wet comb.
It must have felt good as she drools during that process.
Our human tried but could not get a good shot of those drools as Winnie kept demanded to be combed.
This is the best shot of her drool droplets on her chin.

12 June 2022

Toe Beans

It rained the whole day yesterday, a lot so the afternoon was much cooler than normal.
Winnie was at her spot in the MeowYard curled up with her hind legs propped on her scratchboard showing off her toe beans (digital paw pads).

05 June 2022

Wet Comb

During these current hot days, Winnie tries her best to cool down especially in the afternoons.
Our human decided to help this time by dipping the comb in water before combing Winnie's fur hoping to "kill two birds with one stone".
It seemed to work. Winnie got combed and her fur got a little damp thus cooling her a bit.
Note the wet fur on  her comb.

29 May 2022

Keep Cool

Weather has been strange. It was scorching hot and when it rained, it poured suddenly causing flash floods.
It was one of those scorching hot afternoon when Winnie was lazing in the MeowYard trying to cool off.
And do twisting the body like this make you feel cooler?

22 May 2022

Smiling Nap

Tiptoeing to check on Winnie napping, our human noticed that there was a smile on Winnie's face.
Was Winnie really smiling or was it our human's imagination?

15 May 2022

Warm Dreams!

Our human found Winnie sleeping in a sunbeam spot at her usual place in the MeowYard.
Her twitching whiskers indicated she was dreaming. Perhaps sleeping in that sunbeam spot gave her nice dreams.
May you all have nice happy dreams!

08 May 2022

Propping Paw

Our human found Winnie sleeping in a rather cute position with one paw propping her chin.
It is definitely a plus that Winnie could not hear well when our human made a mad dash for the handphone and then back snapping away before Winnie's feline built-in survival instinct kicked in to awake.

01 May 2022

Leak Exhibited!

No necessity for words to describe.
She definitely leaks; see arrow.
Psst, our human sometimes is wickedly mischievous!

24 April 2022

Stranger in My Water Bowl !

Few days ago our human awoke startled to Winnie's meowing. It was loud and sounded urgent! Immediately jumped out of bed, our human checked Winnie's food dish; there were still some food.
Our human then went to the MeowYard, switched on the light (still dark as it was early morning) and saw this.
Wide awake now, that critter was quickly disposed, bowl cleaned and filled up; all this while with Winnie's scrutinising supervision.
She then went to drink. She was thirsty!
PS: The almost daily long torrential rain forced many crawlies to emerge.

10 April 2022

MeowHole also a SpyHole?

Our human wondered why Winnie always rest on a certain spot on the MeowYard.
Few days ago our human walked past and from the corner of the eye noticed Winnie looking through the MeowHole.
When trying to snap photos, Winnie got up to walk in the MeowRoom. Our human wanted to title this 'Looking Through the MeowHole' but  remembered Winnie is not the first kitty who did this and looked up which kitty did it first.

Here is the link --> 

03 April 2022

Cooler Tiled Floor

When it did not rain, the days are extremely hot with scorching sun.
Winnie prefers the cooler tiled floor of her MeowYard after her human slave had mopped the floor.
This unforgiving weather can change suddenly. Strong winds can bring sudden heavy downpour with lightning and thunder. We even had hailstones.
With her hearing-impairment, Winnie was unperturbed and slept through the noise and ruckus!

20 March 2022

I am Deaf?

Our human slave has been behaving, doing something funny lately and communicated with brother who resides in another country through whatsapp. Below is the conversation that turned out rather funny.

Slave: Think my 18-year-old kitty is deaf!

Bro: Did the vet do a test or you tested it yourself?

Slave: I tested myself for a few days. This morning I knocked on glass pane above her head till my knuckles were sore; no response! Knocked on wood behind her; no response! No wonder she had absolutely no problem with loud thunders and lightning that caused electrical trips in the house!

Bro: Old cat lah. Too tired to respond to knocking on glass pane. Heard that a thousand times before. As to thunders, same lah. Used to it already loh...

Slave: Thunders were so loud that sometimes even I jump up!

Bro: Only human jump when they hear loud noises.  Animals don't jump, they crouch. The cat is old and already couching; cannot crouch any lower lah...aiya!!!

PS: Suffixes 'lah', 'loh'and 'aiya' are local slang that give emphasis, affirmation, exasperation, or exclamation.

13 March 2022

Vampire Look No More!

Few days ago, our human found a 'fang' on the lower level of the hardwood podium in the MeowYard and quickly checked on Winnie.
Indeed she lost her 'menacing-looking' fang! That particular fang was at an odd angle for a while.
Thinking back, our human thought Winnie was extra whiny and clingy prior to losing it.
PS: Couldn't blog last week due to long, heavy thunderstorm.

27 February 2022

Rainy Days

It has been rainy a lot daily these days. There's not much to do except to rest.
Our human's ancient monitor is getting more blur and will get a new replacement only when absolutely necessary. For now wordings and pictures are still visible.

20 February 2022

Cleaning Up

Winnie tries very hard to clean herself but there are many places which she now cannot reach.
Her slave cleans her up with a damp cloth on a daily basis. Winnie enjoys this moment as she purrs continuously.

13 February 2022

Snoopervisor Winnie

She hollered early this morning waking her slave up demanding breakfast.
Bleary eyed, the slave doled out wet food from the packet and then tottered to the MeowYard.
Winnie gobbled down a few mouthfuls and rushed out to snoopervise the MeowYard cleaning.
This time the slave remembered; phone in pocket!

06 February 2022

Quick Change!

A leisurely day, our human sauntered into the MeowYard and saw Winnie ridiculously comical on her back with her two hind legs propped up on her scratchboard!
Naturally our human rushed into the house to grab the phone and came back to this.
Winnie did a 'quick change'!
A little reminder to human; always have the phone with you!

30 January 2022


Wanting to snap her resting, our human crept into the MeowYard at Winnie's favourite spot. She opened her eyes when our human tip-toed alongside and then gave the side-eye!
Our human quickly moved off after snapping this!

23 January 2022

Food Bits?

Winnie called, ate and left those food bits for her 'slave' to clean up. Well, what can her 'slave' do except to stop eating lunch to give Winnie a full body damp wipe down, combing and more food before continuing lunch (slave's lunch that is).
PS: Actually there were more bits of food which our human had removed some but mid-way realised that this makes a good picture for posterity. It wasn't easy snapping these photos as Winnie kept moving and head-butting.

16 January 2022

Clenched Fist?

Our human did not snap any photos of Winnie this week and decided walk in to the MeowYard where Winnie was having an afternoon siesta.
While the handphone was clicking away, Winnie opened her eyes and our human saw this.
Was that a clenched fist? 
Was Winnie trying to show how she felt when her rest was disturbed by that soft clicking noise?

09 January 2022

Clean Pads a Must

Winnie is not fussy but utterly fastidious! She will call non-stop if there were drools or patches of leaks on it.
So demanding loud she is that our human had to drop everything to give priority in changing the soiled pad.
Here she is having her afternoon siesta on her newly changed spanking clean pads.