19 April 2015

She Is An Incredible Hunk

Sleeping on our human's old T-shirt (on a bed liner and thin cushion) is Pebble after gobbling down a bowlful of tuna. 

As you can see her hind legs has atrophied as she could not walk. But few days ago she mustered up enough strength and courage, and tried standing up, rather wobbly before falling down. She also tried eating kibbles on her own from the bowl instead of being syringe-fed.

Eating on her own takes a couple of hours with food strewn all over in the process.

Unable to clean herself, our human had to wipe clean her after each feeding. As Pebble is long-haired, her fur kept getting matted up and had to be combed daily and the matted fur cut off. She still drools.

Our human is happy to see Pebble soldiering on in spite of the odds she is facing.

Indeed Pebble is incredible – an incredible hunk!