09 December 2018

Ginger Visitor

When it did not rain, the day was hot with scorching sun overhead.

Taking advantage of the heat, our human went out to check on the laundry hanging outside to dry and something bright orange caught the eye.

Outside the right-hand side neighbour's outdoor garden above the drain was the visiting ginger cat that belonged to the left-hand side neighbour.

Beside the potted plants and above the drain, there's a cool cosy napping spot.

Our human could not resist and snapped away. As usual this totally relaxed chap just opened his eyes lazily and then continued to snooze unafraid of our human.

02 December 2018

Eyeing through the MeowsHole !

There are times when we wondered what Winnie is doing in some corner.
Our human snoops around so as not to startle Winnie.
And this was what our human saw when crouching low on knees peeping through the MeowsHole!
Winnie was in the midst of her body lift!

18 November 2018

Too Long!

Words could not describe that irritated look on her face!

11 November 2018

She Couldn't Care Less!

We have been experiencing daily heavy thunderstorms but on certain odd days when it did not rain, it was scorching hot!

And on that certain odd scorching hot day, our human found Winnie relaxing unladylike.

She certainly is following Dr. Seuss' quote – "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind".

04 November 2018

Skittish Ginger Visitor

There were loud voices from the neighbour and then a motorbike revving.
But it was the chirping sounds that intriqued our human to look out.

Our human saw this skittish cat squatting gingerly and staring wide-eyed (and managed somehow to snap only this one photo).
[Our human thinks the cat was chirping '@#$%' to the boys!]

With the grill door opened only inches, the cat shot off and out to the road.
This cat belongs to the neighbour and was frightened off.

Usually he's a totally relaxed visitor.