15 July 2018

Odd Sleeping Positions

Winnie loves her DIY cave bed.

Since we live in a tropical country with hot weather and wearing a permanent fur coat, Winnie feels the heat.

So in the hot afternoons, Winnie tries her best to 'air' cool.

Our human gave names for these following positions. We will be happy if you could give better descriptive or apt names.


Three paw wave

08 July 2018

Colours Cat See

The cloth cave was littered with Winnie's fur that had to be cleaned out and changed.

Since cotton is less likely to attract fur than synthetic fibres, our human started digging out old cotton T-shirts and found one with gaudy orange colour.

Winnie did not mind that showy colour and promptly settled in. 

It was only then it struck our human that cats do not see colours like human do. Cats colour vision is limited to shades of blues, grays and greens.

01 July 2018

Sleeping with the Panda

It was a quiet afternoon. Too quiet to be true that worried our human a little. 

Our human decided to walk round the house just to check and found this amusing sight – Winnie sleeping head in with her tail sticking out beside her panda toy companion.

24 June 2018

Totally Relaxed Visiting Lounger!

Imagine our human's shock on stepping out of the house on greeted by this sight at the porch.

We do not have a ginger cat. Obviously a male, he was totally relaxed lounging there unafraid of our human.
It was only when our human was less than three feet away, he turned, looked at our human lazily, got up reluctantly and sauntered slowly out.

17 June 2018

Rehashed Cave

The idea has been on our human's mind a long time ago and a lot. Finally overcame procrastination and got into action.

The old unused basket with a handle that was gathering dust in the corner was taken out and cleaned. Out came all the old unused T-shirts and the most suitable size was chosen.

Put them both together; line the inside with an old clothing and this was the result.
Winnie approves!