28 November 2021

Saliva Droplets?

Our human went on a usual 'check on Winnie' jaunt and saw something rather interesting. The mad dash for the handphone began followed by the conspicuous creep to speed snap.
Perhaps the handphone felt our human's urgency, the colours of the photos were off and out of focus.
Can you see those saliva droplets on Winnie's chin? Mmm, wonder what happened?

21 November 2021

Stealth SnapShot

Winnie always rest every afternoon after food and some scritches.
As usual our cheeky human crept and peered at Winnie, and managed this stealth snapshot!

14 November 2021


It did not rain yet. Winnie was having her afternoon siesta.
Our human crept by and snapped some photos. Light sleeper Winnie woke up and started to yawn...
...and there was a gleeful look on our human's face!

07 November 2021

Double Pads

Being fussy, Winnie 'yells' when her training pet pad is soiled and would not stop till it is replaced.
To save time, our human now place either double pads or a slightly smaller pad on top so that the soiled one could be removed quickly.
Our human has been truly trained! Sigh!

31 October 2021


During younger days, Winnie avoided any human who tried to go near, used to run and hide in some corner or behind her late roommates.
Now the sole occupant, her desire to be pet and held has increased tremendously. She calls, sometimes loud and endless to be pet and combed.
Our human obliged.
There were instances when timing was bad. Half-way during petting or combing, Winnie sprang up and ran off. Perplexed, our human followed...and found Winnie in toilet!
It truly was urgent and she had to go!

PS: Couldn't blog last Sunday due to electrical storm.