02 May 2021

Petting Demand!

This is how Winnie demands pets and would meow loudly till you do it...
and you have to stroke her from head to tail.

She will give you the eye till she is satisfied!

25 April 2021

Playing Again?

After months of not playing with any toys or anything at all, our human dangle and shook this rope with a tiny bell at the end in front of her.

Winnie never jumped up. She laid there, used her front paws to swipe and quickly lost interest.

18 April 2021

New 'Old' Resting Spot

It is a cycle!
As some readers say, "The old becomes new again!"

04 April 2021

Getting Ready!

 Winnie here is getting ready to plop down on her rehashed box-bed to rest.

28 March 2021

New Look at Old Hideaway?

Remember that old basket covered with our human's old T-shirt which Winnie used to rest in?

Winnie stopped using it for months and to give more floor space, our human placed it on 'The Chair'.

Few days ago, our human went into a mild panic not being able to see Winnie any where in the MeowRoom or MeowYard when suddenly something dark sticking out of the basket was sighted and realised Winnie stuck her tail out!

This photo's blur because our human moved.

The bedding has since been changed and the basket cleaned. She is using this regularly and only she knows for how long.