07 July 2019

Drool Again?

It was night.
Winnie called and demanded scritches.

Since it was rather late, our human decided to use a fine-tooth comb and started combing the spots where Winnie could not reach like the back, front and sides of her neck as well as her back near the base of her tail.

She went estatic...
...and started drooling!

Photo was purposedly shot from above so as not to hurt Winnie's eyes from the camera flash.

30 June 2019

Chicken Treat!

My human gave me canned chicken treat this morning and watched me eat!
I did not bother to lift my head but just ate and ate.
When I finished, I turned away to clean my face.
On realising that my human was still watching me, I came back and asked for second helping.

23 June 2019

What! Kibbles Again?

Sometimes when you live long enough to be a 'senior' or geriatric, you long for or reminisce certain food you had eaten when younger.

Is Winnie, now getriatric, longing for something?
Our human has given canned fish but Winnie turned her nose up. She loves chicken.

These are special chicken flavoured kibbles for senior felines.

16 June 2019

Keeping Your Cool !

We live in the country near the equator and the climate being categorised as equatorial is hot and humid.

It certainly is not easy keeping cool while wearing a permanent fur coat. 
Resting on your back completely splayed out in a shaded area helps a lot but...


09 June 2019

Winnie Says

Winnie says, " I am posing for you, be happy!"

Have a great weekend everyone.