10 November 2019

Choked Up!

On seeing our human walking into the MeowYard, Winnie started drooling on anticipation of good quality time together.

As our human approached nearer, Winnie started meowing...and choked on her own drools!

03 November 2019

Face on Gossamer?

Our human loves to go for morning walks in the nearby forest reserve.

And since getting up a little earlier than the norm, our human decided to start the walk earlier to enjoy the cool fresh air.

Walking along the narrow path, our human saw a spider web among leaves sprinkled with morning dew, stopped and snapped it with the handphone.

Further down the path, there was another web among leaves but this one had a big dew drop near the centre of the web. Finding it interesting, our human snapped a picture.

On reaching home, the photos were viewed and saw that the second photo captured something interesting.

There was a face on that big dew drop at the centre of the web.
Our human would like to think that this is a by chance selfie reflection of the photographer. If not, then would it be something from the 'twilight zone'?

31 October 2019

Fang Showing for Halloween

Well, what can we say? Winnie is not exactly a pretty girl.
Her fangs show all the time, sometimes more and at other times a little less.

Lately our human was lucky to catch Winnie at the right moment with the right sunlight at the right angle in the MeowYard when she was chilling out.

And Winnie was picture perfect for Halloween!

20 October 2019

Things Winnie Love

She loves those little sun spots and personal scratchboard.

PS: Our human almost wanted to procrastinate again after internet issues have been settled.

01 September 2019

Winnie's Doppelganger?

Thinking of Mr Batman (who works in security at the nearby convenience store), our human brought some kibbles and walked to that store on the pretext of getting some groceries.

At the entrance was this fearful young, thin cat but Mr Batman was nowhere to be seen.

Our human poured the kibbles (meant for Mr Batman) onto the empty bowl near the entrance. This skittish cat went beeline for it, scarfed down and never once lifted her head. 

She was very hungry and reminded our human how Winnie was before joining the gang.

Winnie's doppelganger, isn't she?