21 October 2018

Strange Orb

Winnie has never seen a pumpkin before.

This was her reaction when our human bought one and placed it in front of her.

14 October 2018

Mr Batman

Meet Mr Batman. He works at reception in a minimart near where we live.

He must have got into many fights to prove his machoism for he has numerous wounds and scars on his face and body.

But he turns totally mushy when our human pets him.

07 October 2018

Feather Heavier than Lead

There were times when our human feels a tad naughty and loves to prank Winnie.

This is one of those times. Enjoy Winnie's reactions!

30 September 2018

Youthful looks!

Winnie's guesstimate age is 15 or at least 14 but she looks youthful for her age. Perhaps it is her small size. 

Our human is keeping a close eye on her for any symptoms or indications of aging sickness. But she does have loose sagging skin near her 'armpits' and 'hips' that indicate her senior age.

Click below if you would like to read about how Winnie came. 

NB: Winnie was not a kitten and our human waited for more than a year before deciding to take her.

23 September 2018

New Chair?

As said in the previous post, it has been raining daily and at times with very heavy thunderstorms.

To catch drips from the MeowYard roof, our human placed a thick towel on the floor to soak it up.

Too lazy to put it back in place, our human just draped it on the 'chairs' and look who promptly jumped up to claim!