05 February 2023

Having a Ball Resting?

Winnie usually rests stretched out due to the warm atmosphere as we live just a little north of the equator. It is not often that Winnie sleeps like this. The heavy rain lowered the temperature a bit.
Not wanting to move, Winnie stared blankly at our human snapping her selfie.
Our human has been following Winnie's style...procrastinating often.

15 January 2023

Procrastinating in Style?

Winnie was caught resting in style.
And our human followed suit procrastinating to start the new year without blogging for two weeks.

May the year 2023 bring you all good health, peace, joy, and happiness.

25 December 2022

Eating Comfortably

An unused plastic container has been rehashed, overturned to prop up Winnie's food bowl so she could eat comfortably.
It is at the right height for her and she need not bend all the way down to the floor to eat.
As you all have guessed our procrastinating human did not put up any Christmas decorations at all.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with good health, prosperity, joy and love.

18 December 2022

Nap Drool

Our human made a usual afternoon check on Winnie's siesta. Most times she slept on; this time she woke up and lifted her head...
...a small drool patch was found on the pet pad!

11 December 2022

Lazy Sunday

It has been raining and raining, sometimes torrential accompanied by lots of lightning and thunder. Now it is just light rain. 
Weather is cooler; perfect for a quick rest and snooze.
This is exactly what Winnie is doing.
It is a lazy Sunday.