16 February 2014

Keeping Tabs on Pebble and Kenggy

Pebble had an evaluation check-up last week and received another steroid injection for her oral problems. She seems well and eating but the weigh-in showed she did not gain weight as expected.

Her vet advised EJ to monitor Pebble closely including her urine output.

Kenggy has accepted wearing clothes, so there are no more horrifying blood smears on the floor. Kenggy's singlet do have some fluid stains.

EJ is happy and now has a new hobby sort of – making pet singlets out of old T-shirts.

08 February 2014

Singlet for Kenggy

When Kenggy's bleeding lump dried-up, EJ was happy and thought that things would go well. 

Kenggy started bleeding again...from the same lump. This made EJ think hard on what best to do and thought that perhaps pet clothes may help. EJ remembered that 10 years ago, mom sewn two small singlets out of EJ's old cotton T-shirt for the late Tommy.

It kicked off a frenzied search and found it.

Washed and sun-dried, EJ put it on Kenggy who protested a bit.

She looks like a piglet here.

Kenggy giving her unapproving annoyed look.

Noticing that it was a tad tight around Kenggy's fat belly perhaps making her uncomfortable, EJ folded the bottom of the singlet higher up to Kenggy's chest.

It did the trick. Kenggy seemed happier and slept. Can you see the wound fluid stain on the singlet?

EJ will wait a few more days to see whether it is helping. After wearing the singlet, Kenggy joins her roommates during the day and back to her personal suite at night.

01 February 2014

Seeing Red on Lunar New Year Day 2014

Pebble had oral problems. She had it before in 2012.

Two weeks ago, not wanting Pebble to be stressed, EJ drove alone to the vet and got a week's supply of antibiotics pills.

When Pebble did not recover after finishing that course of antibiotics, she had to be seen by her doctor, a day before the clinic close for Lunar New Year. She was given a steroid injection and a different liquid antibiotics.

Traffic was really bad going to and back from the clinic. Perhaps it was the New Year shopping. 

Somehow EJ finds pilling the cat much easier than giving liquid antibiotics with a syringe. Pebble kept spitting it out shaking her head sideways. The injection was effective and Pebble is recovering well and eating properly. Luckily there is no medication for Kenggy right now.

Kenggy drools in her sleep and EJ changed her bedding cover using an old T-shirt. 

Just as EJ was about to eat dinner, Kenggy called. And as usual, EJ would drop everything and check on Kenggy.

EJ saw red!

On Lunar New Year day, red is associated with luck, prosperity and believed to ward away evil. It is a traditionally symbolic colour of happiness.

But EJ was horrified to see this red! The soiled floor was quickly cleaned up and then lined with paper.

One of the lumps was bleeding. EJ gently cleaned the wound.
Pet pad has now replaced that soiled T-shirt cover on Kenggy's bed.

These three busybodies (Tanya, Pebble and Captain Jack; guess there's no space for Winnie) lined up to check out what the commotion was about.