28 April 2019

Streak of Sunlight

Weather is hot as we live in the tropics and it is too hot to lie in the sun puddle.

Naturally Winnie will gravitate to wherever there is a streak of sunlight.

Have a great weekend everyone.

14 April 2019

Happy Drooling!

At last; finally!

That special moment captured and immortalised one beautiful afternoon a few days ago.

Winnie started to drool...

can you see the bubbly saliva collected on her lips?

and the drool became longer...

and longer...

till it reached the towel (which our human just changed to a fresh one).

Her drool splattered on her face when Winnie shook her head! Eeew!

She is a happy cat!

07 April 2019

Brooding Rumination?

There is a lot of cloud cover and the weather is warm.

With her belly full, Winnie was busy cleaning herself beautiful. And our human thought it would be nice to capture that moment.

As soon as the handphone came out and in position to snap a picture, Winnie, well, sort of transformed. 

She gave this look of brooding rumination. So our human thinks Winnie do not like being photographed.

What do you think?