07 April 2019

Brooding Rumination?

There is a lot of cloud cover and the weather is warm.

With her belly full, Winnie was busy cleaning herself beautiful. And our human thought it would be nice to capture that moment.

As soon as the handphone came out and in position to snap a picture, Winnie, well, sort of transformed. 

She gave this look of brooding rumination. So our human thinks Winnie do not like being photographed.

What do you think?


Erin the Cat Princess said...

Well that is the joy of photographing cats ;)
We do seem to have a knack of dodging the flash or posing just the way we want to. Still, when it comes out just how the humans want it brings lots of satisfaction :)
Have a lovely week
PS, have you thought of joining the Sunday Selfies?

Marg said...

We think she was just giving her best look.She is such a pretty tortie. Have a wonderful day.

magiceye said...

This is Winnie's philosophical look pose :)


Katie Isabella said...

She should. She is gorgeous as all Torties are. She reminds me of Admiral.

Brian said...

You are so cute sweet Winnie, smile for the camera!

Catscue Cat Mom said...

I think it is an intuition with cats, you are really lucky if you get the shot you try for, silly babies! The pic may not be the one you intended, but it is a lovely picture of a lovely girl.

meowmeowmans said...

Winnie, you are beautiful! And we've found that cats are like humans in that some like taking pictures, while others do not like the camera. :)

Mickey's Musings said...

We think Winnie looks absolutely beautiful!!!
Our Julie is not a fan of the camera either.
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

pilch92 said...

Winnie is such a cutie.

catladymac said...

We think Winnie just wanted a serious picture. It is a very good one !