27 May 2018

Prank Gone Sad

Winnie would not come when called, unlike Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK who would run in anytime unless he was busy doing his toilet duties.

Our human decided to play a prank on Winnie and called out loud, "Jaaaaack!".

Winnie came running in, looked around and then at our human mewing loudly as if to say, "where? where?".

It shocked our human and vowed never again to play this prank.

20 May 2018


Our human decided to clear out some toys.

Winnie came and chose a small hemp-wrapped cylinder with a small bell and a few feathers.

She played with it, shredded and tore it apart. It lasted a few days and then got bored.

06 May 2018

Golden Paws!

Winnie was never good when her claws were being clipped. 

Lately, desperately wanting affection she allowed it, purring away but with any strange sounds, she will immediately shoot off.

This is after her manicure.