29 September 2010

Cat on Dialysis?

Suddenly EJ's eyes opened at 4am and what came to the mind was Tortie. 
Something's not quite right with Tortie. EJ got up to check on him and saw him drinking water. He then walked to the meow-walk to sleep. 

EJ started to clean the meow toilet. It took a long while because the cats got that weird habit, 'hey, let's clear whatever we have in our belly to give work to our human servant now'. EJ had to wait for them to finish one by one before cleaning and then went back to bed.

Waking up a little later than normal, EJ realised the usual morning call did not happen. For years every morning, Tortie would scream on top of his voice, clamber on the grill and shake it, making such a racket that EJ had no choice but to get up.

Noticing that Tortie is losing weight, EJ decided that he had to see his vet.

Three doctors worked on him during his physical examination including urine test. Extracting his blood was tough and took some time as Tortie protested. 

Diagnosis was chronic kidney disease. Now we have to wait for the results of the blood test to confirm it.

Once confirmed, Tortie had to go for dialysis, either daily or on an alternate day basis. EJ has to learn how to do it.
PS: Sorry, not dialysis but fluid therapy which is something like dialysis for humans.

28 September 2010

Personal Meow Toilet

Continued from Little Meow Place (Part II)
Oops! The kitties' toilet slipped EJ's mind. 

Those beautiful tiles were put up here too. This toilet was specially constructed with a water seal just like the toilets for human and it drains to the sewage not a drain. 

With a tap installed just above, it is easy to clean and flush whatever waste away.

The best part is the kitties use it.

Here, Tortie checking it out just after completion but before the walls were painted.

And Tommy demonstrating the proper way on how to use it.

26 September 2010

Rest Your Legs!

It's Sunday!

Winnie says Sunday is a day to rest your legs and soak in the warmth!

Pet Pride

24 September 2010

Little Meow Place (Part II) — The Mouse Hole

EJ felt the renovations was well worth it despite the many incoveniences, missed lunches and constant cleaning. 

The cats had to be caged up for at least eight hours for the making of the 'mouse hole'. 

It was hard work drilling through the wall.

By the time the cement at and around the 'mouse hole' dried, it was evening. When the workers finished for the day and left, the cats were let out. These were their responses.

See how Kenggy's body reacted looking through the 'mouse hole'. Note the floor tiles are of different sizes and colours. In the background are the beautiful hand-drawn tiles. The trays near the wall are the cats' extra toilet for just in case a few of them need to go.

Kenggy testing out the 'mouse hole'...

...and here is her certified approval!

Perhaps the 'mouse hole' should be renamed as 'Meow Hole'! What do you think?

PS:  EJ would like to thank Linda (EJ's classmate since primary days) for those lovely tiles; Susan Chan (EJ's mom's neighbour) for the tiles; EJ's mom for the tiles; Tony and Sally for the work well done. The kitties meowed their thanks.

The meow toilet continues here.

21 September 2010

Little Meow Place (Part I)

On retirement, EJ decided to buy a small house to share with the increasing number of cats.

This small house has a small backyard. Actually it is more of a side yard. It was a jungle!

Basic renovations were done before shifting in. The side yard was cleared and cemented. To prevent the cats from running out, a back door was fixed. Chain link fencing was also fixed above to prevent the cats from climbing up and out. 

The cats' room got wet whenever it rained as the yard was not covered. EJ bought plastic sheets normally used by the night market stall owners to cover the open netted yard. The plastic sheets gave some shade from the sun and the cats lined up to enjoy their afternoon siesta. Rain, however, still came in.

EJ knew the yard had to be covered permanently and more renovations had to be done. EJ was lucky to get a full-time job then. After saving for two years, EJ had enough for further renovations. EJ's mother and neighbour as well as classmate gave EJ their leftover tiles. These tiles though old were good tiles, some made in Italy with hand-drawn pictures.

By this time Kenggy had joined the gang. Moving between the yard and the room is through the window. Due to Kenggy's special condition, it was laborious for her as she do not have both front paws to land properly. It pained EJ to see little red spots on her nose which meant that that little nose got bumped constantly. EJ then decided to make a special 'mouse hole' for Kenggy where she could just waddle through to move to and fro the yard and room.

The bench on the left was made from discarded tropical hard wood, Chengal. EJ's brother called that bench the olympic podium.

To continue on Friday on how the 'mouse hole' fared with the cats. Click here for the continuation.

19 September 2010

Do I Look Good?

It's Sunday! MEOW like a Pirate!

Well, EJ could not find a nice eyepatch for Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK and he says that is not a problem. We can do it! We can make our own!

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK asked, 'How do I look? Will the girls swoon over me?'

17 September 2010

Moment of Truth

It was almost midnight.

As usual EJ will have the last check on the cats before going to bed. EJ switched on the lights in the cat room and saw Tortie on the catwalk.

EJ quickly left to get the camera to record that moment of truth. Luckily the lights momentarily froze Tortie just before he got comfortable. EJ managed to snap those transitions.

This is a case of 'Have blubber will get Hugs!' Right?

14 September 2010

For Your Eyes Only

Cats in EJ's home are not allowed to roam outside due to their unique conditions. To prevent them from accidental escapes, all windows and doors are netted and locked.

This means what the cats see is mostly EJ and their eyes follow EJ's every move around the house. Lyrics of this song sung by Sheena Easton portray the feelings and antics of the present cats including some of the late cats as well.

Sheena Easton For your Eyes Only

For your eyes only, can see me through the night.
For your eyes only I never need to hide.
You can see so much in me, so much in me that's new.
I never felt until I looked at you.
For your eyes only, only for you.
You'll see what no-one else can see, and now I'm breaking free.
For your eyes only, only for you.
The love I know you need in me, the fantasy you've freed in me.
Only for you, only for you.
For your eyes only, the nights are never cold.
You really know me, that's all I need to know.
Maybe I'm an open book because I know you're mine.
But you won't need to read between the lines.
For your eyes only, only for you.
You see what no-one else can see, and now I'm breaking free.
For your eyes only, only for you.
The passions that collide in me, the wild abandoned side of me.
Only for you, for your eyes only.

For more cat stories, please visit http://gattinamycats.blogspot.com here

PS: Just found out that this is my 100th post. Something is not quite right as the font and colour could not be adjusted.

12 September 2010


It's Sunday!

Tanya says Sunday is a day to contemplate!

10 September 2010

Working the Garden

The cats were freaking out the past few days. The neighbours' children were firing loud crackers and fireworks randomly and at odd hours. EJ stayed indoors most of the time with windows and door almost closed.

EJ knew it would be quiet today, the day of the festival celebration of Aidilfitri, as all of them would be leaving for their respective hometown.

It would be the best time to work in the garden. The garden dividing wall really do need a paint. Weather cooperated beautifully this morning. It was cool with the sun behind the glooming clouds.

As soon as the last of the neighbours' car left, EJ started scrubbing, scraping and washing the old paint off the wall. It took over two hours and EJ stopped when a slight twinge on the back was felt.

EJ plans to start painting first thing tomorrow morning, repotting and rearranging the plants in the garden the following days before the neighbours come back.

07 September 2010

This Old Man

The 'handicapped pets' onboard sign went up yesterday.

It was time to visit the vet. This time it was Tommy's turn for his check-up.

Tommy howled on top of his voice non-stop going there and on the return trip. He howled a little softer when EJ put the fingers through the cage to stroke or poke him.

He shed fur all over the car.

Traffic was unusually heavy as EJ believed many were doing last minute shopping or travelling to their hometown for this long weekend festival celebration of Aidilfitri – popularly known as Hari Raya Puasa.

During those traffic jams on certain parts of the journey, EJ howled in unison with Tommy. In one of those jams, EJ heard loud mewing though all windows were wound up with the air-conditioning on. On realising that the loud mewing came from a young Indian man driving a huge lorry, EJ laughed and was glad that Tommy at least provided a little entertainment in that patience-testing jam.

Everything was fine with Tommy. When EJ commented that Tommy has bad teeth, his vet replied, 'this old man's teeth is better than many cats!' So Tommy received a new nickname – this old man. EJ estimated Tommy's age to be 12 or 13 as Tommy used to visit EJ when younger.

The only problem with Tommy is he is not good in cleaning his face. Dirt collects on those old facial scars acquired before Tommy adopted EJ. His vet advised EJ help him clean. Though Tommy was good with the vaccination shot, deworm and check-up, he fought when his temperature was taken.

The vet then treated the bleeding wound of the next patient, EJ, with antiseptic and band-aid. No charge for the human. One advantage of being a vegetarian is wounds heal fast!

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05 September 2010

Lazy Sunday

It's drizzling!

The sun is behind those gloomy clouds. The air is cool with gentle breeze blowing.

Cinders says it is perfect to curl up and sleep.

03 September 2010

Slow Drive

The cats love their vet. When their vet left the clinic he worked in to start his own, EJ had no choice but to follow though it is almost 30 kilometres from home.

EJ was not always lucky to get a parking spot in front or near the clinic. There were times when the only available spot was some distance away. EJ then had to struggle with the cage containing two fat cats of seven kilogrammes each, looking a ridiculously pathetic sight.

The vets advised EJ that on future visits to notify them of estimated arrival time, double park momentarily outside the clinic and they would help carry the cats in.

Fearing to inconvenience and thus intimidate some impatient motorists in double parking though for a short while, EJ decided to make an explanatory onboard sign.

This sign, however, gave EJ many nervous moments on the road. Keeping to the slow lane, EJ did not speed on highways but prefer to move at a constant speed without sudden stops or starts to prevent the cats' noses being constantly hitting the sides of the cage.

All cars, big and small, economical and luxury including vans and big lorries follow EJ. And they all tailgate EJ very closely in the slow lane.

It was quite a while before EJ realised what the drivers were up to. They were all trying to read the smaller print of the sign. The minute they managed to figure out the small print, they immediately zoomed past at incredible high speed leaving EJ chugging behind.

On reaching the clinic, all three vets came out and helped carry the cats. Even the owner of the furniture shop next door helped look and reserved a parking lot nearby. EJ did not immediately plonk down on the bench at the clinic anymore.

Though not as eye-catching or colourful as those sold, EJ loves this plain self-made explanatory onboard sign.

Do you?