03 September 2010

Slow Drive

The cats love their vet. When their vet left the clinic he worked in to start his own, EJ had no choice but to follow though it is almost 30 kilometres from home.

EJ was not always lucky to get a parking spot in front or near the clinic. There were times when the only available spot was some distance away. EJ then had to struggle with the cage containing two fat cats of seven kilogrammes each, looking a ridiculously pathetic sight.

The vets advised EJ that on future visits to notify them of estimated arrival time, double park momentarily outside the clinic and they would help carry the cats in.

Fearing to inconvenience and thus intimidate some impatient motorists in double parking though for a short while, EJ decided to make an explanatory onboard sign.

This sign, however, gave EJ many nervous moments on the road. Keeping to the slow lane, EJ did not speed on highways but prefer to move at a constant speed without sudden stops or starts to prevent the cats' noses being constantly hitting the sides of the cage.

All cars, big and small, economical and luxury including vans and big lorries follow EJ. And they all tailgate EJ very closely in the slow lane.

It was quite a while before EJ realised what the drivers were up to. They were all trying to read the smaller print of the sign. The minute they managed to figure out the small print, they immediately zoomed past at incredible high speed leaving EJ chugging behind.

On reaching the clinic, all three vets came out and helped carry the cats. Even the owner of the furniture shop next door helped look and reserved a parking lot nearby. EJ did not immediately plonk down on the bench at the clinic anymore.

Though not as eye-catching or colourful as those sold, EJ loves this plain self-made explanatory onboard sign.

Do you?


wenn said...

my dog is handicapped. He can't walk.

Linens and Royals said...

E.J that is a funny post,I love the sign and think you are very good to drive 30k to the vet with noisy cats on board. Mine yowl all the way to the vet. and it's only

The Chair Speaks said...

With long journeys with the cats to the vet, I do have many funny, noisy trips which I, too, would join in the howling! LOL!

Jacqueline said...

Funny post, cool sign...We are always impressed with the care and compassion EJ has for his babies...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Gattina said...

30 km drive with two cats in a cage ?? I think after that I would land up in a mad house, lol ! They all discover opera voices and meow from house to vet and it's only 2 km !
the sign is real nice, I think I would also slowed down to read it !
When I go to the vet (one cat at time) I keep it in the cage when I go, but I let it free coming back. That also slows down traffic, because they sit behind and look out of the window. No meows anymore. Arthur of course is the star when he sits there ! He loves it and behaves like a waving King !

Boom Nisanart said...

EJ, Thank you for the story and the great sign. I learn a lots of thing about cats from you. And the thing I admire you. It's the way you take care all of them with your love and best care : )

Blackie007 said...

I love the sign! :)

ManekiNeko said...

I agree, it's a great sign. And if some of the drivers would slow down, they'd decrease their chances of being handicapped people! :-)

That must indeed be a wondrous vet if your cats love him or her, and you're willing to drive so far.

Old Kitty said...

Oh EJ!!! Your vet sounds absolutely wonderful!!! I wish Charlie's vets were as nice and as accomodating!!

Well done you!! My goodness - you are truly amazing!!!

Me and Charlie think the sign is perfect!! GOOD LUCK!!

Take care

Marg said...

We love that sign. Those kitties are handicapped since they are in carriers. That sure is nice of your vets to come out and get the cats for you. My vet will take mine back to the car for me. Anyway, we think the sign is just purfect.

Hannah and Lucy said...

What great vets you've got - we love that sign hanging in the car.

We love Luna said...

Cute story, I think your love keep them all comfortable.You have such a beautiful heart dear friend!

Catherine said...

I do like the sign! And of course, people helping pets ~ well that's just a beautiful story all in itself! :)

Happy Weekend!
xo Catherine

cats of wildcat woods said...

Great funny post - very creative sing. I have driven 1 1/2 hours to a vet I love!

Lucy the Cat said...

I loved this post. This was such a nice story. I wish my kitties had a vet like yours. Our vet is very close because Simba sounds like a loud, crying baby but also because I don't know anyone to ask for a recommendation (I'm still fairly new to where I live). I've had a wonderful vet in the past, and I understand the loyalty when you find a good vet.

I love your sign!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh no..that's funny! Cats get so stressed out in the car! I can imagine people would do that though! My dog insisted on going for a quick trip to the grocery store with me yesterday..it was hot and she is black? I roll the windows down for her (only so she can't fit through) but ended up running around trying to hurry!! I get the weirdest thoughts in my head..> oh gosh, her tongue will be sticking out..someone might open the door and dog nap her!< (lol). Anyway, we do have the A.C. and I still open a window for her cause A.C's make them feel funny too?
Have a nice day,

ABBY said...

Great story!



Au and Target said...

Great post EJ!

Lui, Heaven said...

That's a cool sign indeed. When I had four dogs, now down to two after one passed away this April, the vets enjoy doing 'house calls' in Heaven! A vet-friend cautioned me that vet hates this because animals tend to be protective in their turf, but our vets enjoy a visit to Heaven which includes art talk and gourmet food! Hey, I love to spoil anybody who spoils my dogs, eh!

Kat said...

Great sign EJ and a truly funny post. Karupin my cat has gone to the vet so many times now that he is afraid to even see his travelling cage brought out. The minute its out, he'll dive under the sofa where its difficult to take him.

wenn said...

my dog is born handicapped and was abandoned. my girl picked him back. now he's a year old n healthy.

cazzycazz said...

I need 1 of those sign too! My Nisha is a handicapped too ^_^

cazzycazz said...

Hi EJ, thanks for dropping by :) Found my way here through Lupie's & loving ur blog!! Yes Nisha is without her right front paw, but she manages her daily activity just like a normal cat :) Very proud of her :) Love your kids so much! My ultimate goal is to have a mini shelter like yours :) Keep in touch EJ & happy holiday to u!