17 July 2017

Value of Safe House

Our human procrastinated again! We meowed so loud to get our human moving, with feet dragging heavily.

Well, our human did put in new bedding in the Duplex and Captain Jack promptly crawled in. And good timing too. There was this long, heavy thunderstorm. That was not all. Someone threw in some fireworks as well.

And as you know stress can cause some cats to have UTI (urinary tract infection), stones in the bladder included. Captain Jack passed them out with a little blood though he is on special diet. It can be seen clearly here as no cat litter was used.
So the Duplex doubles as the Safe House.

09 July 2017

It is a Pullout !

Our human heard some unfamiliar noise, checked and saw the cause of it.

Stunned speechless our human managed to snap these evidential proofs - the unhappy look and nonchalant sleep.

So what can and did our human do? Sigh and let it be.

Note: A new scratchboard was purchased to try prolong and preserve "The Chair's" legs as well as a reward for Winnie for doing so well.
Our human plans to make new beds for the Duplex.

02 July 2017

Well Done Plaque!

Winnie is back to her normal self after losing tooth and fang.

Tooth fairy contacted us and gave this lovely plaque for doing so well.
Psst, share a secret, tooth fairy is Ms Ellen of pilch92 15andmeowing.

Thank you tooth fairy and all who sent warm words and wishes.