31 May 2011

So Far So Good

Last week, Cinders had her check-up and fourth blood test. She put on a teeny weeny bit of weight which is good news. The blood test and urine results were encouraging.

She has gotten used to having pills shoved down her throat. Those times when she spit it out was when the capsule went sideways instead of straight down.

Cinders used to sleep on old newspapers.

To make her feel good and to pamper her a bit, EJ cleaned out and prepared a personal basket for her which she now constantly sleep in. 

Cinders went one step further and claimed this little low wooden stool as 'her throne' to rest on.

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28 May 2011

Thank You

Hi, we are back! 
Endless purrs, headbutts, purrayers, wags and love sent by you all made us feel very much loved and comforted. 

We thank you.

10 May 2011

Tired Out

Results of Tommy's second blood test was worse than his first. His kidneys worsened considerably. Additional meds was prescribed and dosage increased. 

During his check-up, Tommy's favourite doctor listened long and hard at his heatbeat. Tommy had a 'gallop rhythm'. Normal heartbeat goes 'lup dup lup dup'; Tommy's enlarged heart went 'lup lup dup dup lup lup dup dup'. It did not beat in sync.

Yesterday, in the early morning, Tommy's tired heart succumbed to its weariness and gave up.

Usually gregarious Tommy was the one who would let others use him as pillow but for the first time a very thin Tommy borrowed Kenggy's fleshy rump to rest his head.

01 May 2011

Claws, Fangs and Trots

Cinders has put on a little wee bit of weight. It was confirmed at her third blood test, weigh in and evaluation last week.

This reminds EJ of a very slim lady wearing a coat with fur collar showing off her slim neck looking relaxed crossing her limbs.

This is what you get after being shaved for the third time at the same area.

She has started eating kibbles though she mostly consume wet food now. Next to her is 'fatty' Kenggy gorging in.

Cinders seems happier now and has started trotting!

With that little increase in weight, her meds dosage increased which means additional pills to be swallowed. With both Cinders' and Tommy's numerous pills combined to be shoved down their throats daily, EJ's hands take the beating of being accidently bitten. Index finger holding the pill take the brunt of being bitten at the same spot all the time.

Unfortunately Tommy didn't fare as well as Cinders. He lost weight and has no appetite. His favourite vet gave him appetite stimulant pills. His second blood test results will be known early next week.