29 April 2014

Captain Jack's Stylish New Look?

No, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK did not go to the groomers and is not sporting part of that famous Lion cut.

Both his front limbs were shaved to enable an IV tube to be inserted. He was hospitalised for a few days due to urinary problems and came home last weekend. 

He looked so pitiful on his back under anesthesia on the cold stainless steel table with the IV tube in his forelimb and another tube inserted in his urethra to help drain his bladder.

After his ordeal and away stay, Captain Jack is happy to be home.
His urine is still bloody and he is still 'squatting' straining to urinate regularly but not as often as before.

PS: Our human is fast becoming a zombie caring for both Captain Jack and Kenggy including pilling them.

06 April 2014

Permitted Stealing?

Due to Kenggy's limited time, she is always given everything extra, treats and petting. The rest of the gang get a little less.

Winnie eyeing in full concentration at Kenggy's chicken treats in the dish which could not be finished at one go...

...and decided to 'steal' right under Kenggy's nose!

Guess Kenggy allowed it as Winnie entertains her by pawing her tail. 

This is the only way they could play as Kenggy could no longer run, jump or play like normal cats do.