31 July 2011

Jack Thinker

It's Sunday!

If only we know what goes on behind that eye and between those ears!

26 July 2011

Scary Dreaming

Winnie looks fierce even in sleep. 

Her permanently visible fangs gives her this look that fooled many. In reality, she is extremely timid and would be the first to zoom off or disappear at the slightest strange noise or things.

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24 July 2011

Relaxing Unique Style?

It's Sunday!

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK sure has a unique way of relaxing on weekends!

19 July 2011

Wobble Kenggy

It was easy to keep children entertained 40 years ago. 

EJ remembers those egg-shaped toys with weight at the fat bottom end that wobble when pushed but never fall completely over. They were either animal or human shaped, some even had sounds when bouncing back and forth.

Japanese traditional doll, the daruma doll, is one such toy and has become a symbol of optimism, good fortune and strong determination. 
Kenggy has those qualities of strong determination and optimism. And doesn't she remind you of those roly-poly wobbly toys of yesteryear?

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17 July 2011

Keeping Cool

It's hot these days!

Wearing fur coat on such days is not a good idea. But if you wear one that you cannot possibly discard, what do you do? You will have to make do and find ways and means to cool off!
Like many of his roommates, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK voluntarily climbs into the cage to sleep to get and feel soft breeze around him including from below.

05 July 2011

Laundry Loafing

It's laundry day. 

EJ changed the bedsheets and left it on the floor while collecting other pieces like towels and clothes.

On return this was what EJ saw - Cinders relaxing comfortably on the laundry pile. 
She refused to budge and crossed her legs!

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03 July 2011

Kung Fu Tanya

It's Sunday!

Is Tanya practising kung fu in her sleep? Is she dreaming that she is the world's kung fu champ?
Now EJ wonders what kick is that - side kick or scissor kick!