28 June 2011

The Sneeze

Most times EJ sits on the floor with back leaning on the sofa side to watch TV. Cinders would either be on the knees or somewhere near the legs.

It was a hot night. 

Not wanting to use the ceiling fan which directs hot air down, EJ decided to place the table fan on the floor near the main door to direct cooler air from outside into the hall.

To get more comfortable, EJ laid stomach down with hands supporting chin on the sofa with the fan blowing the full length of the body from feet to head.

Wanting to be near, Cinders climbed up and sat on the nearby little plastic green stool facing EJ.

EJ was enjoying the TV show and the fan when Cinders had a sudden bout of frenzied ah-choos!

Both EJ and Cinders went into a frozen shock wide-eyeing each other.

It was at least 2 seconds before both realised what happened and both rushed off in different directions ~ EJ to the toilet to wash hands and face wet from the sneeze and Cinders to some corner.

The fan blast tickled her nose! 

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26 June 2011

Mine! All Mine!

It's Sunday!

It was a cool morning in this hot season.
Winnie claimed this little sunspot and did not budge for a long time.

21 June 2011

Father and Sons United

EJ believes that when Tommy used to stare into nothing, he was mulling over his sons.

At times he mulled till his ears curled up. Perhaps he missed them both, 4Head and last-born handicapped Tortie.

4Head had heart problems resulting in fluid in his lungs; Tortie had severe kidney problems; Tommy had all of these.

Both Tommy and Tortie sat alike and slept in the same style; with 4Head, they relaxed in the same manner with that special air.

In the earlier years, these three always slept together either head to head or head to butt.

Now they probably are doing the same over at the Rainbow Bridge...and EJ misses these 'three stooges' so.

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19 June 2011

Greetings, My Friend!

It's Sunday!

Most sleep late on this day. Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK did, too.

EJ wanted a picture of the sleeping Captain but he woke up.
And what a greeting sight EJ got!

14 June 2011

You See What I See?

EJ noticed Pebble had been staring hard unmoving at the wall for a long time and even had time to take the camera to snap her in that position.
Well, EJ did try to see what Pebble was staring at but cannot see what captured her total attention.

It was when she stood up and stretched to reach it that EJ looked up...
...and saw...
...the tape that marked the spot EJ stopped work for the day painting the high 18-foot long common dividing wall in the meowyard last year. 

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12 June 2011

How Do You Relax?

It's Sunday!

And a day of relaxation.
Pebble pretended to be relaxing on the poolside deckchair soaking in the sun.
She said, "Now where did I put my sunglasses?".

07 June 2011

Siesta Break

EJ loves to have sneak peeks at cats siestas. 

When discovered that Winnie's head was buried in Pebble's furry behind, it was a dash and grab for the camera to immortalise that comical moment.

The camera, being an old, cheap compact digital one, produces whirring and clicking sounds when a picture is taken. Those sounds woke Winnie.

She was not happy and gave EJ that look of "how dare you interrupt my dream!".

Oops...a thousand apologies! EJ stopped immediately and tip-toed off. 

On looking back, Winnie returned to dreaming; Pebble was unaware of what happened and nonchalant fastidious Tanya did not stop cleaning herself. EJ quickly stole a shot.

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05 June 2011

Getting Fit Kenggy's Way

It's Sunday!

Some use this special day to get fit like taking a walk in the park or recreational area but some prefer to laze in bed.

But what if you want both?

Kenggy shows how ~ stretch lying down!