31 May 2020

Deserving Treat!

Winnie called and loud!

Our human went to check and saw one kibble left on the stainless steel bowl.
Now Winnie deserved a treat for meowing loud and was promptly given chicken which was eagerly wolfed down.

24 May 2020

New Resting Spot

Our human panicked when Winnie was not seen in her usual resting area and started to look at all her numerous resting spots.

Winnie must have watched our human's desperate search and the thought probably crossed her mind, "here we go again; our human is acting funny!"

Our human was relieved to see Winnie at the MeowRoom corner and promptly placed a pair of old cotton shorts for her.

17 May 2020

Winnie the Critique?

Our human was mopping the MeowYard and washing three litter trays yesterday. 
Winnie was watching the whole process with a critical eye as usual and our human decided to snap a photo of that 'critical look'.

And believed that this is a displeased one. What do you see?

04 May 2020


We had a long heavy thunderstorm last Sunday that caused our home electricity to trip. 
Weather is uncertain these days. One minute the sun was shining strong, the next dark clouds loomed and started pouring.

The best thing to do is rest at home.