24 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK simply refused to wear the Santa hat to pose for a shoot.

Our human tried the next best, Santa head band, to which Captain Jack pushed it down and stuck his tongue out in retaliation.

Tanya, however, wore it beautifully on her fat rump!

With Pebble needing constant attention, our human only put up simple decorations on a secion of Pebble's barricade. Here's Captain Jack eyeing Pebble with Winnie on the top shelf and Tanya resting on the floor.

We wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!

And thank you all for your encouraging and comforting words, wishes and prayers.

19 December 2014

Striving To Keep Clean

Pebble drools a lot. 

She do not know how to clean herself, and becomes a mess after trying to eat or after feeding. (Our human syringe feed her at times when she could not eat properly.) Her long fur makes it worse.

Our human dared not give her a bath for fear that it may worsen her condition and can only wipe her regularly followed by blow dry with a hair dryer. Perhaps a hair trim will help keeping clean easier.

A pretty Pebble (to our human) resting and staring blankly (blindly) with awkwardly placed limbs.

This was caught at the start of her toppling sideways. Note her drool-soaked snout.

09 December 2014

Pebble Struggles On

EJ wanted to give the kitties a treat and gave them chicken instead of the usual canned tuna.

Meowing loudly, Pebble wobbled to her dish, got down clumsily and dipped her head down. Notice that her water and food bowls are put in corners so that the bowls would stay better in place to Pebble's flailing limbs.

But Pebble did not eat. She could not. The excitement triggered a seizure and she stayed in that position mouth in bowl.

Once EJ found Pebble doing a head stand in the food bowl with her body up and balanced in the corner. Our human did not mean to be cruel but laughed first before rescuing Pebble. Good thing it was just kibbles.