24 September 2016


We wanted to have fun; pulled out our bed covers, sponge and pushed them around.
Our human got tired of putting them back together and gave us this 'butterfly' cardboard bedbox.

We still push it around, the whole box!

Psst! We have started scratching and shredding the bedbox!

11 September 2016

Stare-y, Stare-y Night

We heard a loud howl coming from just outside our house.

With our eyes wide open in shock, we turned our ears sideways to listen better (well, since our human's ears cannot move sideways, the head was tilted).

Our human rushed out to check what the commotion was about and immediately ran back in to grab the camera.

This was what happened.
Please excuse the blur grainy pictures (even with camera flash); it was a moonless night and the area had bad lighting.

The neighbour's almost feral cat shooting laser stares howling loudly was trying to pick a fight with the other neighbour's rabbit.

The rabbit must have shot some ultra-hot laser stares back (who wouldn't?). 

Our human almost stopped breathing witnessing these hot laser stares. Everything seemed to stand still, time included, then the cat lowered itself and oh, so very slowly backed up, and moved off.

04 September 2016

Three's a Crowd, But We Love it !

Our human is moving again after the Rio Olympics 2016 ended and started to eye our kitty bed with a disapproving look.

It was felt that the bed was a tad too short. A long piece of sponge was purchased and joined to the current smaller piece. The old Panda bear (bought almost 10 years ago for the late Kenggy when she joined the pack) was brought out.

Captain Jack came, plopped fully stretched out nosing the Panda and slept for a long while.

Wanting to join in, Winnie came along, gently butted out the Panda, squeezed in between and slept.
Our human was pleased.