20 March 2022

I am Deaf?

Our human slave has been behaving, doing something funny lately and communicated with brother who resides in another country through whatsapp. Below is the conversation that turned out rather funny.

Slave: Think my 18-year-old kitty is deaf!

Bro: Did the vet do a test or you tested it yourself?

Slave: I tested myself for a few days. This morning I knocked on glass pane above her head till my knuckles were sore; no response! Knocked on wood behind her; no response! No wonder she had absolutely no problem with loud thunders and lightning that caused electrical trips in the house!

Bro: Old cat lah. Too tired to respond to knocking on glass pane. Heard that a thousand times before. As to thunders, same lah. Used to it already loh...

Slave: Thunders were so loud that sometimes even I jump up!

Bro: Only human jump when they hear loud noises.  Animals don't jump, they crouch. The cat is old and already couching; cannot crouch any lower lah...aiya!!!

PS: Suffixes 'lah', 'loh'and 'aiya' are local slang that give emphasis, affirmation, exasperation, or exclamation.

13 March 2022

Vampire Look No More!

Few days ago, our human found a 'fang' on the lower level of the hardwood podium in the MeowYard and quickly checked on Winnie.
Indeed she lost her 'menacing-looking' fang! That particular fang was at an odd angle for a while.
Thinking back, our human thought Winnie was extra whiny and clingy prior to losing it.
PS: Couldn't blog last week due to long, heavy thunderstorm.