27 February 2022

Rainy Days

It has been rainy a lot daily these days. There's not much to do except to rest.
Our human's ancient monitor is getting more blur and will get a new replacement only when absolutely necessary. For now wordings and pictures are still visible.

20 February 2022

Cleaning Up

Winnie tries very hard to clean herself but there are many places which she now cannot reach.
Her slave cleans her up with a damp cloth on a daily basis. Winnie enjoys this moment as she purrs continuously.

13 February 2022

Snoopervisor Winnie

She hollered early this morning waking her slave up demanding breakfast.
Bleary eyed, the slave doled out wet food from the packet and then tottered to the MeowYard.
Winnie gobbled down a few mouthfuls and rushed out to snoopervise the MeowYard cleaning.
This time the slave remembered; phone in pocket!

06 February 2022

Quick Change!

A leisurely day, our human sauntered into the MeowYard and saw Winnie ridiculously comical on her back with her two hind legs propped up on her scratchboard!
Naturally our human rushed into the house to grab the phone and came back to this.
Winnie did a 'quick change'!
A little reminder to human; always have the phone with you!