31 October 2021


During younger days, Winnie avoided any human who tried to go near, used to run and hide in some corner or behind her late roommates.
Now the sole occupant, her desire to be pet and held has increased tremendously. She calls, sometimes loud and endless to be pet and combed.
Our human obliged.
There were instances when timing was bad. Half-way during petting or combing, Winnie sprang up and ran off. Perplexed, our human followed...and found Winnie in toilet!
It truly was urgent and she had to go!

PS: Couldn't blog last Sunday due to electrical storm.

17 October 2021

Pads Extended

Like human, animals drool too in deep slumber!
And Winnie drools!
Our human has placed extended pads to catch drools.

10 October 2021


No, Winnie do not have incontinence but she leaks and could not reach to clean after each toilet! It happens when you grow older.
Our human has been hand washing and scrubbing all her towels to shreds. 
To save time as well as our human's hands, pet training pads were bought to line Winnie's favourite resting haunts.

03 October 2021

Resting Unladylike!

Our human just could not resist not catching that moment of Winnie's momentary unladylike position.
Please excuse the slightly blurred photo; it was snapped in a hurry!