20 September 2011

Free Massage?

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK must be happy, now that he is the ONLY male. All his five roommates are females ~ Cinders, Tanya, Pebble, Kenggy and Winnie. 

To celebrate his happiness, he gives EJ massages...

...and headbutts...

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18 September 2011

Fanged Over

Pretty girls and handsome dudes, fangs or no fangs need their beauty rests, so says Winnie who is showing a great example here! 

14 September 2011

Simple Happiness

'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.' ~ Dalai Lama 

This is so true in Kenggy's case. Inspite of her handicap, she finds pleasure in the simplest of things like this plastic raffia string. 
And spread happiness to EJ who watched her play.
Kenggy is such a joy!
' Don't you dare touch it! '

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06 September 2011

'Hang Down Your Head' Position

EJ's heart always skip a beat whenever Cinders goes into this 'hang down your head' position. This unusual resting style means something is wrong. Even the clicking sound of the old beaten-up compact digital camera did not wake her.

She was fast asleep. She was tired, perhaps really stressed out in the morning having to travel almost 30km to see her vet for blood test and check-up.

Cinders seemed to recognise her doctors and staff. She looked at them in the face and greeted each one with a soft mew. The humans smiled and greeted back.

A thorough physical check-up showed that one of her kidneys had shrivelled which is one of the many symptoms of CRF (Chronic Renal Failure). EJ left the room when Cinders had her blood extracted. The doctors said Cinders was a good girl sitting still unmoving allowing them to draw blood from her neck.

Her blood test results were encouraging. Urea and creatinine went down to just above the normal range. All other test results were either within the normal range or just above which is really good news considering her age of over 17 years. And she put on 100gms.

For now her medication and dosage remain the same with four pills being shoved down her throat and half teaspoon supplement powder to swallow daily.

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