30 October 2011

Legs Up Folks!

EJ wants to and definitely will follow our Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's way of spending the weekend.

It's one great stress reliever.

Put your legs up folks!

23 October 2011

Hard Talk on Hard Pillow

Of all my roommates, Kenggy is the one who is most attached to me. 

While all the others don't really need me, Kenggy, because of her missing two front paws, uses me as a stepping stone to get from window ledge to the floor and vice versa. 

Kenggy loves me lots and at times I become her pillow, like this.

It feels good to be loved and appreciated!

16 October 2011

Monkey in the House?

Well, we thought we, the cats, besides our human live in this house.
Look! We have a weird-looking monkey!

04 October 2011

Styles of Zzzzzs!

No two living beings sleep the same way. Each have their own preference. Here are some shots on how my roommates sleep.

Cinders ~ comfortable

Tanya ~ ridiculously uncomfortable

Pebble ~ bed isn't big enough

Winnie ~ heavy eyelids

Kenggy ~ flat out

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK ~ ballerino

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