28 June 2020

A Proper Clean-Up

No, Winnie is not sleeping.

She is busy cleaning herself. So busy that she did not pay much attention to our human but kept licking and licking. And this is the very reason why these photos are blur.

21 June 2020

Reluctant Short Break

We were quiet last weekend as we had some internet issues.
Luckily it has been solved and so glad that we are back.

07 June 2020

Now We Know!

For some time, our human was perplexed as to why Winnie kept resting at this particular corner of her MeowRoom.

It was only recently it dawned on our human that at this particular angle Winnie could 'spy' on what our human is doing in the hall.
As you can see the TV is on the left and Winnie's silhouette at her MeowRoom GrillDoor.

Now we know!