30 June 2024

Hiker Jack Russell

A friendly couple always bring their Jack Russell pet dog on their daily hikes.
Now eight, this little neutered female dog has been hiking since she was three months' old.
Using her short muscular legs, no rough terrain is impossible for her.
And she loves fresh cool clean water which she must stop to enjoy whenever there is one.
Just look at that blissful face soaking in the water from this little waterfall and feel her happiness!

23 June 2024

Small Foot or Big Mango?

That's right! This is our human's foot used here as a comparison to the mango beside it.
A friend had a mango tree in the garden and gifted our human one.
Our human simply could not resist and took this comparison picture.
Is our human foot small or that mango huge? (It took our human a few days to consume that mango.)
That mango tree must have absorbed tons of fruiting growth fertilisers!

21 June 2024

Morning Sun

Walking through tropical rainforest sometimes is scary as the thick layer of canopy trees blocks out light. 
But when the sun hits it at a certain angle, it is beautiful!
Look at that morning sun glow and we have not reached the rainforest yet.
It is not often that the morning sun's rays penetrate through to light up the path.
Though the path is bright and beautiful, we still have to see where we put our feet to avoid the path's obstacles and keep our ears open to listen as we do not know when or what wildlife may appear.

16 June 2024

Eyeball to Eyeball

Our human heard and felt soft quick movements two feet in front on a recent early morning walk, and immediately stopped.
That creature climbed up the nearest tree beside the path.
Same colour as the tree trunk, this iguana perched there and eyeballed our human!
Our human slowly took out the mobile phone to capture that look. 
Under the canopy of the tropical rainforest, sunlight could not fully penetrate to light up the path and not wanting to use the camera flash, the picture is slightly blur.

14 June 2024

Big Leaf

On one of the daily morning walks, our human saw this big leaf of a wild yam plant on the side of the path.
Wild yam plants are not found in this part but at another area. It is possible that a hiker used that leaf as an umbrella shield from the rain.
Our human's new hiking shoe here act as a comparison to how big the leaf was. The old hiking shoes lug soles were worn down and there was a crack.