30 October 2022

Use it as Pillow!

Winnie is a resourceful girl.
She use her scratchboard as pillow for a comfortable nap.
A super drooler she is, our human had to line part of the scratchboard with a cut-out patch of disposable pet pad otherwise the scratchboard will soaked flat!

23 October 2022

Napping with a Smile?

It certainly is a nice feeling to see someone or anyone for that matter smiling in their sleep.
Winnie was caught just doing that!

16 October 2022

Procrastination Reward?

Feeling bad for procrastinating and did not blog last week, our human went out to purchase a new scratchboard for Winnie.
This time the new scratchboard had a DIY duct tape reinforcement on all four sides and bottom.
Winnie claimed the scratchboard before it could be securely tied to the podium...
and had that vacant look after a small packet of enclosed catnip was sprinkled on the scratchboard.

02 October 2022

No Bath Days!

Geriatric Winnie could not clean herself properly as she is less flexible unable to reach certain parts of her body.
Our human slave did not want to risk giving Winnie a bath.
Started few days ago she was given whole body wet wipes with several damp cotton wool, then fanned manually and combed dry; sometimes twice a day. 
Human slave has more work now.

Sleeping well after the cleanup.