26 May 2013

Tests for Growth

A few months ago, a small lump was discovered on Kenggy's mammary gland. Please click on here if you wish to know how it was discovered.

That lump has almost doubled in size. An appointment for multiple tests with her vet has been made and is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

The red arrow shows an angry swollen nipple and its surrounding area in contrast to the other normal nipple arrowed blue.

A closer look.

Yesterday, another growth was discovered. This time on Tanya's lower lip. It was hardly visible as it was the same colour as her lower lip with her upper lip covering it.

EJ pulled Tanya's head back to reveal the offending lump.

It was decided that Tanya will join Kenggy for consultations on Monday.
So far both of them did not show signs of discomfort. Perhaps both are great pretenders!

And because they are such great pretenders, it worries EJ so, as the seriousness of the illness is not known. EJ would be happy if they complain, wince or even howl.

A while ago, EJ found this little matted fur on the MeowRoom floor. It looked suspiciously familiar. EJ quickly went to Tanya, pried and peered into her mouth. That supposedly offending lump on her lip was not there!

You could never imagine how happy and relieved EJ was!

19 May 2013

Pebble's Pretension

In any multiple cats household, there will be a lot of play. At times when the cats become over-zealous or enthusiastic in mock play, it may escalate into possible aggression.

When that happens, as a prevention, our human would shout or scream, "Oi !, Hey !, Naughty Boy ! or Naughty Girl !" This usually stops the cats in their tracks and all will be back to normal peace.

Somehow with Pebble, it has never progressed to the stage of EJ's shoutings.

EJ found out why and got the evidence.

Here's Pebble hugging the leg of the hardwood podium in the MeowYard at first...

...then turned aggressive, fangs bared with wild-looking eyes clutching the wooden leg and kicking frenziedly.

Pebble must have some imagination!

12 May 2013

Winnie's Happy Sunday

Winnie says that our human has been featuring all the others and insists that it is her turn now.
Here she is, wide-eyed, very eager, poised and pleased to have her photo taken. 

She wishes all a Happy Sunday and a lovely day to all mothers, humans and animals!

05 May 2013

Hooked on Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK

Animal tails are expressive. On a cat you can tell everything. You can tell if they are annoyed or scared.

But what if the tail is short or hooked like Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK? You then have to read the whole body.

In order to snap a picture, EJ waited till Captain Jack was relaxed and almost drifted off to sleep and quickly put a finger at the hooked tail.

A closer look at the hooked tail.

Though drowsy, Captain Jack automatically clawed the bench in an animal instinct safety reflex action.