31 August 2010

Younger Handsome Me

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK wants to tell his story when he was younger and handsome.

'When I was a stray strutting the streets few years ago, I was the most handsome male around with a super athlete build of defined well-toned muscles.

With such a fine body and two good eyes, girlcats and food was never a problem.

I would wait for the right time to pounce on a fat rat. With such good physique, coordination and reflexes, there would be no escape. It would be right under my paw and claws...like this.

Come to think of it, the taste was not too bad. In fact it was rather yummy at times.

Well, now that I am a little older with one missing eye, I do not strut the streets anymore. I have a home and do have girlcats as roommates. And they are pretty too.

The food, roommates, warmth, love and hugs I have now makes me more relaxed. And now to continue my rest in reminiscing of my younger days in the streets!'

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29 August 2010

Belly Flop

The recent hot weather tested everyone's health that even put EJ a little under the weather.

The cats fared better and EJ discovered their secret.

It is simple!
Complete relaxation till your belly flops...like Winnie!

24 August 2010

Confined Protest

A bath is fine with her. Being blown dry with a table fan on the floor is also fine. But not when she is confined in the cage.

Kenggy does not squeal or meow like a normal cat. Her voice is low, husky and sexy. It goes something like aarroowl or wowrrll.

EJ has to cage her to get her dry. Not happy, Kenggy stood up howling loudly at EJ.

Momentarily she was distracted by her nosey buddies.

She thought there was an escape hole under that mat and proceeded to pull the mat away.

Though her facial expression could not be seen here, her body showed complete utter disappointment that after so much effort, there was no escape hole.

It took her a long while, considering her handicap, to get to this stage which by then she was almost dry.

EJ let her out and she waddled happily off.

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22 August 2010

Lend a Shoulder

It's Sunday!

Tommy says Sunday is a day to lend a shoulder to a buddy, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK, though you know he drools...

...a closer look...

...and still love him!

20 August 2010


EJ loves khichdi.

A very easy to cook meal as well as easy on the stomach, EJ would throw in whatever is found in the fridge. Each time it would taste different and nice.

Here is EJ's version for this meal. Boiled with the rice is seaweed, cubed carrots, tofu, green peas, corn and chopped leftover Chinese cabbage. Throw in some salt, a teaspoon of sesame oil and pepper to taste.

In other parts of Asia, Khichdi is known as congee.

17 August 2010

Chicken? Do We Hear Chicken?

As advised by the vet to help senior Pebble tackle her tartar problems, EJ held the nose, bought chicken wing in the wet market, boiled it and gave it to Pebble to gnaw.

Pebble says, 'Doesn't smells like the normal food.

Since you insist, I'll take a bite!

Doesn't taste nice!

Yucks! Do I really have to? I don't want to eat it!'

After several attempts and a number of chicken wings discarded, EJ gave up. Pebble is now happily chomping on treats for dental problems.

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15 August 2010

It's Sunday!

Tortie says Sunday is a day for...yawn...


13 August 2010

The Bane of Less-loved Cats

Kibbles bought from supermarkets and left-over human food were thrown or left on the floor or road for the neighbourhood cats.

Litter boxes were also not provided. So where would the cats go if they have to ease themselves? They were chased out if done in their owners' house, porch or garden.

Cats, being smart as they are, starting easing themselves in EJ's garden where they could not be disturbed. EJ would not mind if the garden is a sprawling few acres but it is such a tiny postage stamp-sized garden. These cats were not exactly in excellent health and their wastes stank to high heaven.

For months, the cats in the street where EJ lives used this tiny garden as their waste dump. Something had to be done before the cats spread the meow around the whole neighbourhood about their new private toilet. Various deterrent methods like sprinkling water were used but the cats were not afraid of EJ.

As a last resort, EJ thought of raising the dividing wall but wanted to give one last unused deterrent method a try. EJ got these creepers more than a year ago and kept winding them round the pot as they grew. Now that it has grown so long, it could be put to good use to line the dividing wall in the hope to visually fool the cats into thinking that access to the garden is blocked. The cats actually prefer to jump and walk on top of the wall en route to the roof and else where.

EJ's brother who was on vacation here then suggested hanging old CDs which EJ promptly did.

So far, EJ cleaned the garden twice and not twice a day. So it seemed to help deter to a certain extent.

Some of the neighbourhood cats; the gray ones did not have a chance to grow up and had already passed on. EJ has not see the one under EJ's car for over a week. Photos of the other three cats were snapped when in the neighbours' houses.

10 August 2010

What Did You Say?

EJ has absolutely no idea what Tommy is trying to say!

If you dear readers have any, EJ would like to know.

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08 August 2010

World Cat Day

Dear friends,

EJ found out a few days ago that there is such a day known as World Cat Day. It was not heard of many, many years ago. Or perhaps it existed and EJ was not aware of it.

As you all would know by now, I am very popular with both human and animals especially cats. Cats adore me I honestly believe.

The more the cats love me the faster my legs will wear down. I am not sure how long I can keep on standing on my beautiful four legs. My legs all have gone rather slim. And EJ is trying very hard to slow down my leg slimming as much as possible.

Not to worry, I will still be around for a long time more to come for I love my roommates, my buddies, my cats.

To all the cats in the world, big and small, Happy World Cat Day!
And wish that all cats have the right to a loving home, food and care.

Yours truly,

06 August 2010

Noël is Not Alone

Continued from previous post Noel Learns to Walk

His little stump of a tail was healing nicely. With the sudden loss, Noel walked funny with his stump and rump sticking up.

There was discharge from Noel's eyes again and were fast getting infected. EJ was not sure what was the cause. Could it be flu, the shock of snipping the tail without anaesthesia or even possible irritation from the fleas he had earlier?

Another bottle of antibiotic eyedrops was obtained from his vet. His vet reminded EJ that Noel's persistent eye infection could be an indication that he probably had complications.

A few days later, Noel's abdomen became slightly distended and several bulges started to develop. He had little appetite and took a turn for the worse. EJ phoned long distance to Noel's vet who was back at his hometown celebrating Chinese New Year. According to symptoms EJ described, he said Noel was probably stepped on and that he would schedule Noel for an x-ray as soon as his clinic opened.

With two festivals, one after the other (Chinese New Year on 29 & 30 January 2006; Awal Muharram on 31 January 2006) and including weekends, it was an almost a week-long public holiday that year.

In desperation, EJ took Noel to a 24-hour animal hospital but nothing much could be done.

EJ was stroking his head when Noel drew his last breath on the night of Awal Muharram. Wrapped in EJ's old T-shirt which Noel loved to sleep in, early next morning when the air was cool with the rising sun at an angle, EJ buried Noel in the corner of the playground next to EJ's mom's house where the pet cats and animals were buried.

No tears were shed for Noel.

EJ's tears were all shed dry some years before when walking barefoot through the slums in India witnessing and trying to feel their life, their hardships, their sufferings.

Instead what EJ had were scratchy eyes and a huge painful lump in the throat. The same would happen during Christmas seasons especially whenever the song Noel was sung or the music played.

EJ is consoled that Noel is now at a beautiful place called Rainbow Bridge with EJ's and siblings' pet cats and animals guiding and keeping Noel company.

That's right! Noël is Not Alone! And never will be again!

Born 25 December 2005 (Christmas)
Died 31 January 2006 (Awal Muharram)

(From Wikipedia: Awal Muharram, the Islamic New Year is a cultural event which Muslims observe on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. Many Muslims use the day to remember the significance of this month, and the Hijra, or migration, Islamic prophet Muhammad made it to the city now known as Medina. For Shia Muslims, Muharram is a month of grief and sorrow because they mourn the death of Imam Hussain and his companions.)

03 August 2010

Noël Learns to Walk

Continued from previous Noel's Day in Office

Noel opened his eyes. He could not see well but definitely could smell EJ. Soon there were a lot of discharge. A trip was made to his vet who said this could be an indication that his respiratory system was weak and may have other problems as he was exposed outdoors when born for few days and nights.

Learning to walk was on EJ's mom's big bed. Note his infected eyes which was being treated with antibiotic eyedrops.

EJ then noticed there was a change in colour in Noel's little tail. And off to his vet again. His tail at the tip was suspected crushed.

Since he was so young, nothing much could be done except cleaning it with antiseptic liquid hoping that the dead tissue would drop off on its own without spreading or infecting his blood and then healed itself. EJ had to monitor it closely to try to arrest the spreading to higher up his little tail.

EJ's fears came true. Gangrene set in and spread. His tail had to be docked. Even after much discussion on the best way to have his gangrene tail removed, EJ left it to the vet's professional judgement. Noel was too young to go under anaesthesia and the shock of snipping the tail off without anaesthesia could cause cardiac arrest.

This was how Noel's tail looked like before the operation. The tail reminded EJ of a scorpion ready to sting.

At four weeks' old, Noel had his tail docked. Poor thing, he went through so much so young. This was taken three hours after his tail was snipped without anaesthesia and stitched. Can you see that one sole stitch sticking up?

Those stains were his blood. That was one tough Noel. EJ couldn't wait to see him grow up and wondered how his stump of a tail would look like.

This little tyke was extremely tough to handle. Even his vet said so as his tiny limbs clawed non-stop. All the claws were razor-sharp and EJ's hands were slashed each time during feeds or cleaning.

To continue on Friday on Noël is Not Alone

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