29 October 2023

Legless Encounter!

During one of the morning walks recently, our human saw and stopped immediately.
The morning was bright without strong sun, air was fresh and cool.
Awed by its beauty, our human waited patiently for it to cross the path taking its time.
It was a juvenile reticulated python.
Then some hikers came, being impatient, it was flicked to some nearby bushes.

15 October 2023

Morning Walk Buddy!

Last week one morning, this stray was at the entrance.
He, yes, it is a male with notched ears, funded from hikers' donations, on seeing jumped happily on our human.
Being a big dog probably a Labrador mix, our human was prepared and stood firmly so as not to fall down.
He was our human's walking buddy that morning!
It is sad that he prefers table scraps to dog kibbles or treats; and there are some hikers who are not kind to animals at all.
Our human enjoyed his company more than those 'unkind' hikers!

01 October 2023

Well Camouflaged!

Early morning air was fresh and cool. 
Walking in such environment makes our human happy and very aware of the surroundings in the forest with all senses on high alert as you do not know what you may encounter. Our human felt being stared at, looked around and saw this.
It was very well camouflaged!
Other hikers walked by, completely unaware of this observant iquana, and exchanged pleasantries with our human.
Our human waited till all hikers were out of view before snapping this photo.