08 August 2010

World Cat Day

Dear friends,

EJ found out a few days ago that there is such a day known as World Cat Day. It was not heard of many, many years ago. Or perhaps it existed and EJ was not aware of it.

As you all would know by now, I am very popular with both human and animals especially cats. Cats adore me I honestly believe.

The more the cats love me the faster my legs will wear down. I am not sure how long I can keep on standing on my beautiful four legs. My legs all have gone rather slim. And EJ is trying very hard to slow down my leg slimming as much as possible.

Not to worry, I will still be around for a long time more to come for I love my roommates, my buddies, my cats.

To all the cats in the world, big and small, Happy World Cat Day!
And wish that all cats have the right to a loving home, food and care.

Yours truly,


AL said...

To all cat lovers...Happy World Cat Day!

Marg said...

Happy World Cat day to you too Chair. It does look like your legs are getting a little on the thin side. Take care.

Kea said...

We wish all cats had loving homes, with bountiful food and love too.

Happy World Cat Day!

Gattina said...

Happy cat world day ! I just read it in a comment I got from a blogfriend who has no cats, lol !
I didn't know either !
Arthur would be outside but the weather is bad ! Summer has disappeared for the moment.

Amin said...

Good day!
I did not know anything about this day!

Old Kitty said...

Awww The Chair Speaks!!

You are indeed most popular and love by both four legged and two legged creatures!! You are a very special Chair!!! Long may you last and speak about your lovely kitties and hoomans!!!

HAPPY WORLD CAT DAY to you!!!! It's me and Charlie's first World Cat Day and we are having a such fun!!!

Take care

Lucy the Cat said...

Such a sweet post. Your wish that all cats would have loving homes is very much my wish too. I hope you're around a long time to speak about the wonderful kitties and humans that share your home.

ABBY said...

Well said EJ!

Happy World Cat Day



Jacqueline said...

Happy World Cat Day; lovely post and wishes for all cats...kisses, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Ginger Jasper said...

Happy world cat day.. HUgs GJ xx

Ashkarya said...

A World Cat Day? Wow!

Did your cats do that to your stool?! Whoa!

cats of widlcat woods said...

Your legs are thinning a bit! Happy World Cat Day!

lupie said...

Happy World Cat Day!!!

Guess what? It was also Momo, Summer, Wolfie, Sunshine FIRST BIRTHDAY yesterday!!

Au and Target said...

It's new to us too. Hey, everyday day is Cat Day!

We love Luna said...

Yes, this is the point, right point, I also love you sweet "chair"!
Happy World Cat Day !!!
purrs and always love
We love Luna

Blackie007 said...

Happy World Cat Day to you and yours. :)

ManekiNeko said...

Well, if there hasn't been a World Cat Day for many years, there should have been! I'm sure the Egyptians had at least one such holiday to worship the sacred cat, if not more. Smart people, those Egyptians! :-)

Boom Nisanart said...

I am a bit late here : (

Happy World Cat Day !!!!
And love the cats everyday : )

Kat said...

Happy Cat Day to all cat lovers out there!

And to EJ - hope Noel is doing well

Chandrika Shubham said...

Pic is cute. :)
Happy World's Cat Day.