27 July 2010

Noël 25 December 2005

Continuation on Pebble's baby from this post where Pebble introduced her newborn to EJ.

Appointment for Pebble's check-up and spaying operation was on Saturday morning. That afternoon EJ made her cage more comfortable for her recuperation.

The next day on Sunday afternoon, EJ's brother told EJ that he saw some children playing with a tiny white kitten in the playground and later threw it under the coconut tree growing outside the neighbour's house opposite.

Immediately EJ dashed out to look under the tree and to the left and right of it. There was none. Every inch of the huge drain beside it was also scrutinised. With dark clouds looming above, EJ had to find the kitten as it will not survive the downpour. EJ's brother came out to help look but there was no sign of the kitten. Then he mentioned that perhaps it was picked up by the owner of that house.

With that EJ forgot all manners and walked right in. Luckily EJ's mom was in that house that time enjoying herself playing mahjong with the house's owner and relatives. EJ tried to be as casual as possible asked, "Ma, did you see a white kitten outside under the tree?". Not wanting to be interrupted too much in the mahjong play and without looking up, the house owner replied, "In the pail on the table at the porch!".

EJ looked into the pail, picked up the kitten and checked.

Yes! This was the very kitten Pebble gave!

The sudden downpour started.

Placing the kitten under the T-shirt, with shoulders and back hunched forward to shield the kitten from the rain, EJ ran home. Though a short distance across the road, EJ was drenched but the kitten was dry and warm.

Once home, the kitten was placed in a cardboard box lined with EJ's old T-shirt. EJ started digging out the milk bottle for small animals used previously to bottle feed abandoned newborn kittens.

Since he was born on 25 December 2005, EJ named him Noël. It is of French origin, and the meaning of Noël is "Christmas".

Less than a week old and without Pebble's milk, this was how small Noel was. The green thing placed beside for comparison is EJ's reading glasses case. His eyes were not opened yet and ears just flaps.

The next day was a working day. In order to feed Noel, EJ decided to take him to work and gathered all his stuff in a backpack. Noel was placed in that same tiny plastic aquarium and then in a hand-held paper bag.

Travel during morning rush hour in a train was packed with only standing room. Everything went fine till Noel decided to give a tiny squeak. The young lady standing beside EJ glared very hard at EJ. And continued glaring. Perhaps she thought EJ belched or let out air from the other end.

EJ decided to make her day, whispered and showed her Noel. Immediately she warmed up, smiled and her whole body softened.

To continue on Friday on Noel in office.

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umi_e said...

Waiting for the next episode ;)

* exciting!

Gattina said...

Oh my what a little thing ! I forgot that Arthur was as big as the TV remote control, lol ! But he could eat by himself. Noël was real lucky !! BTW Noël is a quiet commun name in the french speaking countries. I know two Noëlles (female version) that it also means Christmas I had completely forgotten, lol !

Inday said...

Thanks God the tiny thing is safe. There could be no other relieving news other than the poor thing is in good hands. I cried many times for my kittens.

(I was gobsmacked by your comment. Thanks for the visit.)

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

He was so tiny. Thank goodness he was cared for. I am anxious to hear the rest of the story,

Boom Nisanart said...

That is a wonderful story of your kids, Thank you to sharing to us : )

Drunk On Books And Adventure said...

What an appropriate name....so white and cute. And that second last paragraph was amusing...pardon me, it was my kitten! :)

Al said...

Awww that was a very touching story, I'm glad EJ tried very hard to find Noel, if not what could happen to that little kitty angel? Thanks EJ.

Old Kitty said...

Oh EJ!!! Me and Charlie are so glad you were there to rescue Pebbles' baby!! Kids could be so cruel sometimes and do things without thought or care! I'm so glad you and your brother were around to help Noel!! What a sweetie - oh and what a lovely story about the bus journey too. We can't wait to get to know Pebbles and Noel better - how harrowing but also very hopeful!
Thank you for sharing.

Take care

Ginger said...

What a precious baby picture! EJ is a hero

Marg said...

EJ, thank heavens you went to look for that kitty and save it. You really are a hero. Can't wait to hear the next episode. Hope the little kitty does all right. Sending lots of purrs to it.
Have a great day.

Jacqueline said...

A sweet story, we're so glad beautiful Noel was saved by EJ=we love EJ!!...We want to know what happened to sweet Noel; we're worried his photo is not on the sidebar...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Kea said...

Noel was a very lucky baby! We're looking forward to reading part 2! :-)

cats of wildcat woods said...

Great story and how lucky Neol was tha tyou found her. Waiting for the next chapter!

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

YAY that you found Noel.....we are waiting for the next installment. xxxxxxx

Annie Bear said...

I love this story from beginning to end. Three cheers for EJ!! I just love a happy story, especially when there are so many sad stories about homeless kitties. I hope everything went well for Noel. Amazing how small he was.

Sharon Wagner said...

Oh, white kittens. They make my heart melt. EJ's heart was in the right place saving the little fluff ball.



We can't wait until the next installment of the story.



Ellen Whyte said...

keep writing! we want to see what happens next!!!

Kea said...

Kim from Fuzzy Tales here re. our garden post: No, no dumb cane in our garden. Four hostas, though! :-)

Chandrika Shubham said...

I liked the name 'Noel'. :)